20 Replies to “Shard”

  1. That’s nice, Doron. Sometimes it’s good to do something a little different from what we normally do.
    I hope your hospital appointment went well.

    1. Thanks mate I always say, am alive which always count on our little planet however we are. I think those hospital appointment come only to show that someone try but I think they lost the case long time ago.. we are in the don’t know land. Hope Easter was kinder for you 🙂

    1. Lauren thank you, that is great you pop in when ever you can. I am also not doing my duties now a day but I always know that everybody are somewhere around and it is great. Keep writing as we are always enjoy to read it, Happy Easter my friend and take care X 🙂

    1. Hi Hollis, it goes without say thank you and it is always pleasure to see you whenever. I am not often here now a day and of-course I miss all my friends here but so it’s life and at least I come back here each time to watch and listen when I can while the brushes luckily still manage to play the tunes and make me feel better. Hope yours doing the business too so look after yourself as it is always good to see your smile at the corner of my blog whenever I return. Happy Easter:-) X

        1. Hollis thanks hope your brushes are on fifth gear… and you zooming through the canvasses one by one… don’t forget to indicate and toot when you are overtaking xX

    1. Thanks Carol unfortunately I visit the place more then I like too but I am OK day by day and it is a bonus. With great privilege of able to paint which is super x

  2. Wow Doron you visit us with a stunning creation – abstract and yet totally present to your surroundings. I love this piece of art, you always amaze me of your talents for uncovering and discovering the beautiful surroundings around you.

    1. Mary thank you for your kind words it push me further to explore new ideas and try to express them with colours. Hope you are OK and had a great Easter Break love your roses they are amazing x

  3. Can’t fail to spot The Shard there Doron ! Love the blues .
    Hoping you are keeping well and managing to wield your paint brushes every now and then xx

    1. Thanks Poppy the brushes never stop dancing here. Enjoy looking at your recent work, needless to say wanted more and more…xx Hope your brain is in full recovery after those beauty places you shared through your lens… XxX

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