20 Replies to “After”

    1. Karen XXX thanks my kind friend, hope Easter was great for you and gave you some rest from the world that push us and provided you with quality writing time see you soon, xxX

    1. Thank you my kind friend, they tell me it will one day and I always believe it will. Thank you for being around and hope you also take care of yourself x

  1. I agree, Doran, I’m liking your urban style! The colours are lovely. Hope you’re feeling ok after the visits and you’ll be back to plein air very soon.

    1. Thanks Jenny. I am OK and no doubt with the little ray of sunshine will be out little by little to enjoy the thing I love most and yet help me to redeem my pains every day. Hope you are OK and you enjoyed your little break of Easter xX

    1. Marina thank you very much and my apology not to reply as quick as you do… fast lane super lady. Thank you for always keeping me smiling and it goes without say that I always enjoy your great work yourself and the great mind set and care you give looking after the animal kingdom XX 🙂

    1. Thanks Mary I take each day as it comes some OK and some are less but luckily I manage to paint when it is better Thank you so much for visiting and taking time to comment it is well appreciated 🙂 x

  2. I like the streaming look of this with the cars moving along and into the distance, Doron. I look forward to more urban. Hoping you are not ill. Wishing you well, if so!

    1. Thank you very much Leslie, I paint as often as I can all sorts. Glade you enjoy it. I had several short lessons around your place a while a go thanks for sharing and it is always help us the self taught painters. Hope you are good, Take care X

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