One day it will be London

I did not visit the blog for sometime and I could give you plenty reason why… but actually it doesn’t matter as the bottom line I know that I missed you all very much and I apologise. It does not to say that I will be here more at the moment now even my laptop is declaring sick… I rebuild it and yet it still suffering… maybe my chronic pains is catching. I found this post and a painting I start last year…. At the moment I would call it Working on London.. Still it is work in progress and I am thinking about the final colours and final look.. I can tell you that I have changed it all to turquoise colour with blue and white… but somehow it don’t seems the colour. I am into lively colours so no doubt something will come along before another year have gone…. Hope you are all well and you kept in good shape during the winter and like good flowers ready for another ‘Spring’. I did paint all along so hopefully I’ll manage to publish few more posts which I left here the next coming weeks.. see you soon.

I hve created a small website which you are welcome to visit, clicking Doronart

21 Replies to “One day it will be London”

    1. Sarah you don’t need to know about anybody else.. your views count here! Hope you are well and alls good with you, Thank you for your comment and i’ll check what you were up to while I missed your wisdom… take care my friend X

  1. It definitely takes on a different personality with the red than the blue.

    I hope you and your computer are both doing better now.

    1. We come along day by day thank you. I managed to recover my address book today what a celebration! Imagine loosing so many good friend… must keep a record somewhere….

  2. I love your interpretations here of a very familiar London view to me. Was it painted looking from the footbridge from the South Bank to Charing Cross?

    1. Thanks Jenny I was looking from Charing cross station walking down the embankment on the bridge to South Bank. Glade even at this stage you can spot it and what amazing knowledge you have to see the picture I saw, amazing! xXx

  3. Lovely panoramic views you’ve painted Doron ! Love your *lively colours bursting with optimism …
    Keep your brushes creating sparkling paintings when you can xx

    1. I am sorry I also missed you but don’t worry each time I am around I make sure to see you are smiling and producing mant master pieces as always… Just had a tour of your kingdom… no doubt nothing changed there you have few days to spare and you build another kingdom.. have fun XxX

  4. its lovely to see you again, kind friend. i too have been missing on my blog for some time… hoping to come back but having some troubles just now. your paintings are pretty and i’m off to see your other blog. i’m afraid i’m mixed up on which is what, thinking i already saw it but maybe not. 🙂 xoxox

    1. You never mixing while I add to the confusion but keep enjoying and I send you big hugs and hope you are good as I write… watching you xxx 🙂

  5. Your developing London is lovely, a creative-process skyline. Hope we come to see you soon Doron! I’ve been rather ‘off sick’ also – getting better now. X

    1. Jane love to see you again I am sorry to see you are not doing good also. Hope by the time I write you are feeling better. I am not doing great but I am doing which more than others do so it is something to enjoy. I am sorry but I don’t spend much time here and I do apologies. Hope you had a good Easter so get well and take care XxX

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