26 Replies to “My street”

  1. good morn, calif. time, doron! love to you… this is such a beautiful little painting, very like a lovely spring day… hoping your world is as sunny as your painting. if you’re painting from your window, does that say you haven’t been feeling well? thinking of you, sweet friend. ☺️

    1. Linda thank you very much, some days the window is the limit and that is great. If the sunshine and scenery is nice even better. Mind you I don’t mind those grumpy clouds when I am indoor. Hope you are doing well and the change of season give you more energy. Take care and thanks for your thoughts x:-)xX

    1. Thank you it is changing fast and the colours are amazing. Hope you are well and enjoying life as always. It is great to see your new work on Facebook that some time much easier to access for me, thanks. Love the stories from Istanbul XxX

        1. Thank you, Facebook is easy for me to catch up. Glade to see you are around the corner, I take it you are going to pop over for coffee very soon….:-)

          1. That is unforgiving offense…. ha ha. Will have to come and visit you on your magic island one day… Enjoy your stay and I’ll arrange some more sun for you xX

          2. I am sure I will and hope one day to enjoy a green tea with you my friend as your stories always fascinate me and your involvement for society always inspire keep it going XX

    1. Nothing change here yet… I know some neighbours complained but so far no one replace the tree… I wish I knew why they cut it in first place. never mind at least we artists can put trees where ever we want and there is never an issue of cuts budgets or else… just little paints. Thank you very much for visiting 🙂

  2. Looks like a nice street, Doron. And a nice rendering of it. I hate when people cut down trees, though. There aren’t nearly enough of them.

    1. Those people normally don’t have enough in their upper deck.. Wish there will be a replacement soon but why would you chop a good young healthy tree in first place??? Some time it make you wonder!!!! I might need to paint a tree and put it as a replacement as the view is no more the same. Thanks anyway for caring to our trees from long distance it is well appreciated.

  3. Tree or no tree Doron it’s a lovely view ! Love the line of ? Poplars anchored on the hillside .

  4. What a neat idea, Doron. I’ve never thought to paint from the view outside my window. I like the colors and it makes me think you are surrounded by warmth with all that rose color across the street.

    1. Thanks Leslie as you know I love painting outdoor from my other blog sevenoaksmops.wordpress.com . So on days when I am not feeling that good, the window is a good place of inspiration instead of painting from a picture which I do but often don’t like that much as it is not the same. Beside with the change of weather skies and season we never get bored as there are always something new out there that was not there before.. Now that spring is in the air let your students paint outside it is great fun and the colours are always real! 🙂

    1. Thanks Carol, I enjoy painting it and abstract always make it more interesting for me. I made several version of it in the past and no doubt there will always will be another one.. I love the view and enjoy the challenge as it is always different and so is my work. Have a good Sunday X

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