42 Replies to “Waves”

    1. Thanks Jenny can’t sit here too long sorry but I am around and just returned from a funny tour of your blogland touring with you around and having a giggle or two reading your wisdom. Take care xx

      1. Thank you for back tracking over several of my posts! Nice to know you’re around in blogland – hope to see some of your creations very soon xx

    1. Kevin thank you very much enjoyed reading your canvas repair, of-course I did not enjoy reading you had to re-fix it… but you did an amazing job well done 🙂

  1. So great to see you Doron! Oh now this is a painting to wake-up too – love the sea blues and teals, frothy waveletes and heavy rock structures. My kind of scene ~ don’t be gone too long. Hope you are well.

    1. Hi Mary thank you just enjoyed sitting on one of many beaches on your blog and listened to waves was great. Hope you are OK and enjoying paintings as always. I just pope for a short check as i can’t sit too long and it is great to see your work x

      1. Hi Doron, thank you for your enjoyable and generous comment – means a lot. Wonderful to see you again and from what I’m reading here, very sorry that your health is giving you problems. I hope that you are able to least get a painting in here and there, so you can concentrate and enjoy those brief moments with a brush. Take care my friend.

    1. Elena, don’t worry about me I always around when I can and know that you are somewhere around producing your usual magic and it is great to watch every time. Thanks for finding time to pop over it is well appreciated and I can only imagine how busy you are, take it easy and enjoy it also x

    1. Leslie thank you very much… I actually changed it since as I felt something was missing there for me but then that is the question when it is finished… I left it on the side… I often love watch the waves and water as it something that give me joy and I like… beside I always find something else in it… the fun of painting xx

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