Looking through the window

Sorry guys, I know I was not active here for some time but that dose not stop me thinking about you all and I hope to visit your blogs soon. Thank you for taking time to regularly visit my Blog it is well appreciated. I also would like to thank all the great people I met recently everywhere I was. I would like to dedicate and share one of my recent paintings here, with you all,  ‘Only one left a live outside’… Even if it is difficult at times I try to paint something that always keep me smiling. You are always welcome to visit me on Facebook which is much easier for me to use sometime or you welcome to enjoy some of my latest work as and when I put it on my website. Stay safe where ever you are and keep smiling 🙂 x

34 Replies to “Looking through the window”

        1. Thank you so much as I know you have a big heart and it must be some smile… 🙂 I know it is winter but I can’t spend much time here due to my pains, but I will always visit you when I can to enjoy your great smile 🙂 X

  1. Opening up your joyful colour palette has definitely made me smile Doron 🙂
    Have a lovely Sunday x

  2. If that painting doesn’t brighten up your world, nothing will! You sure packed a lot of vibrant colours into this one, Doron.

  3. These are gorgeous, Doron! I love flowers and the colors so vibrant and happy. 🙂 I took a long blog break but now I’m back and actually making some changes. I think we all go through phases of off and on blogland. Have a wonderful day! xx

    1. Yes we all have to reinvent ourselves in the blogland… but as long as we know that everybody are OK changes always fun. At least i can see the poetry is always flowing on the Lauren route and that is what that is important xx

    1. I often write and never look again… not surprise everyone get confused.. but one day I’ll also slow down to check.. have fun and thanks for your comments Lauren, mean time enjoy the colours, I love colours 🙂 X

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