A year after I did this painting below, I return to visit something which is 100% me ‘Doronart.com’ but yet it was very distance from me for some time. I don’t make any excuses for not visiting here often enough, even though plenty changed since I last wrote the words here below that I’ll keep as they were when I wrote this post. I often think about you all and wonder where a year took you all too. Hope you are all OK and healthy, happy souls who create great things in life. I started some treatment that although did not cure me, yet it helped me to discover a new world still within the art that one day I’ll come back to tell you about. I have many paintings I left here as drafts so every time I have I’ll come back to release and reorganise the site. I never stopped painting as it is my best daily medicine and I could not survive without it. I created a web site for my work but even there I did not spend a lot of time recently. I never stop thinking about you all so keep smiling. mean time the painting below was to help our Mind Organisation to raise some funds and my art club still trying to do the same right now by auctioning some of our art. If you have time to spare you can visit and help or just enjoy our works here. I apologise for not visiting you all but I can assure you all are deep in my heart.

Early in October I participated in chairty fund raising for our local ‘Mind Organisation’. Each person participated in the idea had to draw something with one line. Some did forget the rules and created some great work, however I managed to keep them  going and created the brain from little people… We had all sort of people participating and I managed to bring along many of my friends from the club to help. As you can see from the link and gallery even the current prime minester donated a drawing. Anyway hope you some time make a stop and also try to give something to the community you are living in. Enjoy my contribution…

Brain full of people tn


13 Replies to “Mind”

  1. Actually you were missed! I kept checking for new posts and wondered if things were okay. It is difficult to always post. I’ve ‘disappeared’ once and a while too. Good to see you back !

  2. I hope your new treatment helps to give you some relief and more energy to pursue the things that are important to you, Doron.

  3. One continous line and no breaks in joining up all your little people Doron … well done 🙂
    Take care now … I’ll look forward to any *Dorons* as and when xx

  4. WOW Doron, amazing to contribute to such a worthwhile charity. They helped me greatly when I was living with someone with mental health problems, giving him and myself comfort and free advice. I’ve always wanted to reward their kindness so maybe art is the way. I did volunteer reiki but they didn’t take me up on it so art fundraising seems an excellent idea instead. Keep up the good work making a big difference in the world and spreading your smiles. x

    1. Sorry was floating in my own kingdom and just managed to step back on earth to visit my blog and find your early comment, thanks Xx

  5. Ah, have been missing your posts, Doron, and was hoping you are ok. This one is intriguing – a different style for you! I like the idea of the charity connection…but the link didn’t work, sadly. See you again soon xx

  6. I really like this apinting. it speaks to me as a person living with chronic daily migraines & other neurological problems. Your painting looks like the storm that storms inside my head. Hope to see more of you !

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