Driving home

Sorry for letting everybody down and escaping for another planet but I am still around and miss you all. I hope you are all good and smiling just as I left here after my last visit. I am always painting, as it is my life saver and now a day I tried to pass it to others around me hoping to make them better too. I can’t sit long in-front of my computer so I try to get on with the important tasks when I can. Apology for time being but rest assured I shall be back one sunny day and I am sure I’ll visit you all whenever I can 🙂

Early evening driving home

going home








I am also here and here

26 Replies to “Driving home”

    1. Thanks, I miss my friends here but sometime in life certain thing have to wait. Hope you are well and as always creating magic, Regards x

    1. Thank you very much hope all the family are well. I have tried to write a comment in your site but it don’t let me so have a great Tarabata you and your family and Malus off-course xxx

  1. Nice to see you back, Doron. I like the new look of your blog as it’s nice and colourful. I’m glad you still painting, and that it still helps you. I’ll come visit you on the other planet as soon as I can.

    1. Thanks matey, unfortunately you can’t visit me in the other planet as no one know the way and how we got here… but don’t tell anyone as we wont like to upset people 🙂

  2. Lovely to hear from you and see your beautiful painting again, Doron. I’ve been a bit off the grid also, but swimming. I like your Night Drive and the Thames painting very much. Go well, and hope to see you again in Sussex soon!

  3. Dear Doron… i stopped in to see you. I too have been away due to living within this frail human body. I am hoping for you sunshine and lots of paint. I love what you are doing! Be well, my friend. xx

    1. Thank you very much may the sunshine and health be with you too. Apology for being away from blogging for so long but as you said we need to maintain our bodies first. You take care and stay safe xX

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