Happy Christmas

Hi, everybody hope you are all well and having fun. Hope you are ready to celebrate yet another Christmas. I don’t visit you often as it requesting longer sitting from me which is not comfortable. However it is much easier for me to use short visits on either; Instagram – Doronart or via my Facebook page, or you can always see few of my recent paintings on my Website . If you use any of those apps please stay in-touch other wise use this site which is alive. Meantime as you can see I always manage to paint something quick during every minute I get, I call it my art-therapy and life saver. May I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mery Christmas 2017

10 Replies to “Happy Christmas”

  1. Happy Holidays, Doron. It’s good that your painting helps you, but I hope next year is a better year for you health-wise.

  2. Dear Doron, merry Xmas and Chanukah. I love your portrait of you on your postage stamp above, and your card of people who appear liberated from shopping. I hope all goes well and to see you in the New Year very soon. Can you email to me your postal address? Love, Jane x

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