Always love the water colours work of Fabio Cembranelli. I saw his masterclass article on Tropical Fruits in the artist & illustrators and loved the colours. You will have to forgive me Fabio I am lazy to follow stage by stage and like to paint fast without going to details and colours I never poses. I look on the main or final painting you painted and I use what available on my palette and hope it is not that far. OK I am sure I have to do ‘a few more paintings’  or ‘a few many more’ before I do a proper Fabio.. but I am working on it, remember I did say it is a journey and it is great to get inspired from your work anyday.

Avocados too


You read the name you wonder what is all about.. some time ago I painted this painting… I called it ‘Through the Net’

Through the net

It stood here for a short while but I was not sure about it and the first idea was to start again… I nearly wipe it all off.. but in the process I just found that it actually improved or was it???…

Vandalism fracture

OK that is all the picture otherwise you wonder why I called it Vandalism..


All I know is forget the view.. but if I catch this geezer that smashed that beautiful shed.. he/she will be in real trouble.. Hope you are all on the case….

The view outside

One I made earlier.. now we are in spring time.. Glade someone in wordpress arranged that publish later.. I can put the post for when ever.. Mind you I could not show you rainy paintings in mid summer.. spring is OK as it is either here or there. If I catch that guy who invented chronic pains.. I am going to make sure he lives in winter time all year round..

It start raining here around Christmas and it seems as if someone forgot where was the tap so they can cut it off… that was the view from the patio door few weeks ago..

Patio flodded

While visiting I made few more sketches so i thought I should add them here;

Wine Roses

Car Park View

Up the Hill

One Tree

a draft I kept for a while… as I had to stop MOPS in recent weeks..

MOPS is back and what a great day we had… When I started painting the tree I had to stand right beside it and it seemed as if it was the only tree around.. by the time I finished there was a complete forest around us. Visit our MOPS blog and enjoy some great photos also, but meantime enjoy the ‘One Tree’

one tree story

One tree

Pink sky

Thank you for all the well wishers, it is very well appreciated by me. Not sure if it is repairable at the moment however I keep trying and mean time I am here to enjoy your work and put some I did earlier can’t ask for more.. Sorry I don’t visit often as I like too and keeping waiting for a reply some time.

The sky just before sunset ashamed about the photo I took as it looks more like midday and actually look much better in here.

Pink Sky

Pink sky

Light Shower

Somebody must be responsible for switching the water it could not start itself.. and it is raining ever since… keep warm and make sure you are dry, there are people less fortunate at the moment and we are all thinking about them.

Light Shower

Muriel Picture

Hi Friends, visitors, I owe you a little apology. I was not around here at the blog for some long time. Of-course I miss you all but unfortunately my chronic pains flared up to a very bad level and I hardly can control it nor sit up in-front of my pc. If you made a comment or gave me a like, thank you for doing so, I really appreciate it and promise I’ll reply to you all as soon as. If I am not here forgive me as I would not miss this place for the world. If I ever stopped blogging trust me I would not do it without letting you know. Thank you for your friendship and sticking by me. I have few paintings I did early that I can use for a while.. I miss you all and I’ll see you around for short visits. Have a great weekend…

Muriel my friend take some nice photos around Cumbria where she lives and often I like to quickly sketch paint them..

Muriel Walk

Final version with extra layer…

Muriel plus 3 tn

See you soon and take care where ever you are, Doron