The School

I received a commission to paint a school for a great teacher that retired after many years working in this school. It is a very special building and as I had only short time I painted a sketch in water colours and did the main painting in Acrylics. There were so many details and windows that for the first time I used the squares to divide my page and get the building right in perspective. I have tried to paint it more freely as I thought it will give the building a better feeling and interesting character as I saw it, instead of doing it with very straight square lines. To me it was a very special building as I saw it from the outside with great history and I wanted to give it more life while painting it. After all the idea was to paint it and not to photograph it. I hope the teacher enjoyed their present as much as I enjoyed painting this amazing building.

Water colour pre sketch


Valence School 1 tn

The final painting in Acrylics

Valence 12 tn

Football Madness

Dear friends, you might think I abandoned you all as I kept away from my Blog and didn’t reply to your comments. I do apologise for it, as you all know I would never desert you, as I love your friendship and company. I normally can’t sit long on the computer so at times the Blog get less priority on the to do daily list. I do paint when I feel better and as you will see I have many posts here sitting for sometime which screaming for me to air them to you. Please bear with me when I am away and be assured I’ll visit you all every time I can. You will see from the subject here below that the post had to be published much, much earlier so thank you for your patience and support.

It was the world cup in Brazil and everybody was going mad… that is if you love football other wise you go mad as you get too much of it and it does not matter where you go. last year I painted my son playing football on the beach… I had an idea to do it again in acrylics as an abstract project.. Enjoy

Football on the beach tn


Recent day out with the club took us to Yalding. It was raining while we painted and I think it actually helped. My main painting was the bridge but I played with the water colours and let the rain put it in place for me.

Yalding Bridge tn

one arch tn

Yalding Bridge sketch tn