I’ll do anything to play golf again, would not you when you see such a great scenery? this hole is somewhere on the great golf course ‘The Oxfordshire’ run by the Leaderboard Group… It looks so beautiful I could not care less for those clouds would you?

the oxfordshire

Mix fruit

Happy independence day to all my American friends here and I did not forget you Canadian friends, I am sure you had a happy Canadian day.. It is great fun if we opened the calendar we could celebrate every day of our life someone else day… So happy Every day to you all… just like a mix fruit on a sunny day!

Mix fruit for a good happy day to you all..

Pineapple mix

Practice painting based on one I saw recently… I can not remember even where… Those tablets I would not recommend them to anyone… The only thing I remember is it is for a ‘Happy Day’

Windy day

Fighting with the wind blowing everything at Haysden Country Park (Don’t believe me… it is a beautiful day and red sky… just not being here often I find I have many paintings on hold so must share… so excuse my wrong season… and time) Just enjoy another view… actually it is great to look on a painting from a windy day on a beautiful day…. feel like walking to nice warm gallery.. ashamed about the artist that had to experience such weather…)

The view from a small bridge

Bridge on a windy day

Blazing Hot

I have few painting which I did earlier, while I am not at my best I put them on, so enjoy… Apology if I don’t reply quickly to your comments… but I will alway do when I return thanks for visiting and stopping by which is well appreciated… Enjoy.

This one was painted and blocked some time ago and it set in a state of not sure around for a while. The other day I thought it should get extra paint and it should receive and overhaulĀ  with some colour to lift it up… Hope it gave it little more justice..

Blazing Hot