Ella Umbrella

Everyone knows the song of Rihana, Umbrella, yes the one with the ella ella umbrella. In the last few months all we get here is rain, rain plentyraina as the English would say, it’s rain cats and dogs. No doubt everywhere you go you can see that sea of umbrellas…

Ella Umbrella

The 10 day Portrait Drawing Course

My friend Danny from the art club wrote a book ‘The 10 Day Portrait Drawing Course’, I had some time on my hand during the holiday so I tried it hands on. I hope I made it some justice, as I am going to publish the post quickly before Danny is going to be on my case. Hope you like it too… it’s looks like the original picture.. OK sort off or at least some of it… actually in my eyes most of it, enjoy.

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I am adding an insert from the book, his introduction here below so check it for yourself. The book available via Amazone; Daniel Mcgowan


This 10 Day Portrait Drawing Crash Course is unlike any other you have ever seen, read, watched or class you have attended. Although this book is small in volume, inside you will find a wealth of experience, tips and knowledge gained over more than 70 years. It will truly take you step by step on a 10 day unique journey towards achieving your very own style and signature in portraiture drawing. All this will be accomplished by you devoting your time, effort and practice for the next 10 days, without any aids ( or crutches) of using camera projection, the pre drawing of grids, *tracing or measuring. I could have called this book ‘Scribble Your Style into Portraits’, because I want you to keep all your drawings and exercises very ‘loose’. Do not worry about making nice clean marks on the paper, really scribble every line and mark you make. No other person can scribble or write like you and this ultimately should be your goal to establishing your own ‘style’ along the way you will be introduced to various tips and techniques. Some old, some new, but all tried, tested and proven. These methods will guide you towards progressing your skill and your own style, like your written signature. Have faith, practice well and before this short course is ended, you will SEE your efforts rewarded. Will your finished drawing look like the original photograph? I hope not! As an artist friend of mine put it” When you copy something exactly, your artistic interpretation goes out of the window” I wholeheartedly agree. I respect and admire these people who can draw and paint a photograph exactly , but where is their artistic interpretation? Where is their style? The only signature they put on, is their name at the bottom? Do I want to draw or paint like this? No, my ambition is to capture a decent likeness of course, but even more, to bring something of my own interpretation, personality and style to the table. I may possibly have he worst handwriting in the world, but any of my friends or family know immediately if the writing they see is mine. I would like to think that this applies to my drawings. I firmly believe drawing (and painting) should be and IS an extent ion of your handwriting and all your marks on the paper will convey this to the viewer, however, I believe this is interrupted and marred with all forms of measuring, tracing and other mechanical aids. Mechanical aids all too often result in mechanical looking people. All the great masters (without exception) were able to convey their style and signature (like their writing) into their works of art. For example, how alike is a Turner to a Rembrandt or Pissarro to a Renoir? With very little experience of art, anyone can see the difference among the great masters and their style. My ambition for you dear reader, is for you to improve your portrait drawing using your very own STYLE! This obviously cannot be obtained with an exact photographic reproduction. I firmly believe, anyone can learn to draw portraits (or anything) well, using my proven methods and techniques, the only thing you have to provide, is work and constant repetition of the drawing exercises and techniques provided. Do this and you cannot fail.

Daniel McGowan