It is a new Year…. Happy 2014 could not wait long enough to see you all again….

Our last MOPS session for 2013 year took us to Tonbridge and it was freezing… No doubt I’ll have to have some changes here to finish it off which I’ll add at the bottom. Mean time since our visit we had heavy storms and rain non stop and most of those places are under serious water. It is difficult and costly time for people who live there, leave alone very disruptive and danger and I hope that soon the weather will improve a bit so the water will subside and damage be kept at minimum. We are living in a very dynamic world lets hope that 2014 is good and safe for all.

Tonbridge corner tn

So that is how it looks once I finished it Happy painting.


Happy New Year

What a great year 2013…. welcome 2014 and Happy New Year to you all, thank you for making last year a great year. I could not enjoy it as much with out you my friends… Loads of health to us all and less pains hopefully..

I don’t watch much TV, but I recently saw a program about the kids that are living in the refugee’s camps in Lebanon in freezing conditions in the open winter air, with hardly suitable cloths and food. They managed to survive and escape the internal war in Syria. I also watched Malala from Pakistan that got shot by the Taliban in an interview on CNN and  I think as bloggers we have some responsibility and maybe we have some voice which we are not aware about. I can see that our blogs are being read all over the world and we should and must use it to relay a loud message to the open world. I am not a politician but far from it but as an artist I think that our message should be that; from 2014 we should not let anyone the right to abuse anyone anywhere around the world. It does not matter what is the reason if right or wrong, no person child adult or elderly female or male should be exposed to bad treatment anywhere. We have enough resources to help everybody to maintain their dignity and humanity, we should defend and protect those innocence that always suffer the consequences of someone else good or bad interest. It is enough we need to deal with nature disasters around the globe like in the Philippines. Lets unite together and stand by those people and make sure that we don’t arm the planet we are living on using it resources so our grandchildren will be able to use it safely too.

Thank you for visiting my blog during the year and please stay safe, healthy, you and your family where ever you are. I dedicate those flowers for you all, best wishes and Happy New Year, Doron

Happy New Year 2014


I am sure you remember my painting holiday to France last year at Bandouille… I had some nice painting time after the Christmas holiday and I wanted to paint special thank you message. The holiday was so good that it remind me another good thing… Yes a great chocolate I am sure we all know!

Happy New Year Bix and Drew and thank you for a great holiday…


Bandouille on the lake

Over the fields

Every time I have few minutes free I enjoy a little water colours run, this time it was of a picture I saw in a painting magazine… I enjoy the practice run and beside I manage to burn some time I have to spare. I left this one for few days before I finished and put the birds in but when I looked and try to find the picture everywhere, I could not find it.. I also wanted to credit and mention the originator of this scene which was nice and detailed when I first saw it as it attract me to paint but it has gone, no doubt it will reappear when I forget about it… Some loud thoughts, I noticed that often I see something I like to paint, I leave it for few days and then I try to do it from a memory. Some time I remember the scene vividly and other times I only remember little which completely make the picture different. If I paint from a picture I’ll rather use a black and white version. When I paint a picture or even a scene I follow it in the initial stage and as I progress I work from memory or imagination and I am not sure why I get distracted and don’t constantly look at something even when it is a portrait. I wonder if others do the same? I keep telling myself to look again and again but it seems as this will be a learning curve for me which I need to work on. I also can’t change how quick I paint most of the time even I know now a day that in water colours I need often to let it dry in between washes so the colours won’t get muddy but often it don’t work as I need to finish the paintings. There is one thing I would like to change next year and it is to be able to use more than one brush during my painting… I am also lazy on working with a small brush for details…  even though I posses many of them… Hopefully I’ll follow some of my ideas and correct them mean time happy painting

Over the fields

Last Post for Christmas

Dear friends, I guess you are all ready and looking forward to the upcoming holiday. Hope you are ready to celebrate and enjoy the Christmas.

It was great to spend the year with you all and I will look forward to see you again in the New Year. May I wish you, your family and everybody around you a very Merry Christmas, Doron

Last letter for Christmas