The Vase +

I hope you remember that vase I post here few weeks ago.. I was not sure about the flowers colour and if it look good enough? So I thought I had to change it and make it more lively.. something was missing for me. What do you think?

The Vase a

Shopping with mum

We all remember as youngsters going shopping with mum. Ok it probably was not in a nice shopping mall but in the main high street, but it is all changed and very quick. Some probably would not know what i am talking about… (hide your age Doron). When Violet painted her shop fronts I was working doing mine.. I had one shop in mind but with the exictment, I ended up doing the mall. I put the first stage here below and added the finish painting at the end, Knowing me I’ll tweak it up again.. Enjoy

Shopping with mum

and Dad too

Final Shopping with Mum Again

The view from The window

Some time ago I have started painting the view from my class window looking outside in Oil. I never finished it and always felt that something was missing but was not sure what. The other day I saw a picture of a cat and decided that’s it, I need to add the cat somehow to my unfinished window’s picture and now I have done it… I think ‘Pussycat View’ is ready. OK at least in my view…

Pussycat View


Some time I find I enjoy just sketching and don’t feel I need to add any colour at all… It is another way to tell a story.. to practice. No doubt it is another safe way for people who not sure yet how to use colours, you can also rub it off and correct.. Although I normally prefer to avoid rubbing off when I can… Just do another line where you think it should go. I am sure the next time you sketch you would not put that extra line.. Normally some of my sketches I turn to colour paintings anyhow. enjoy

Last Look White Fields


I have an idea and I need to use candles in a picture for a competition.. so I have decided to practice as I never painted any and was not sure how you paint the light.. and how you do the wax dripping off?

Candle Yellow Glow

Painting with Muriel

In recent days Muriel got some photos and we exchanged painting. Muriel used to paint but stopped for some time and recently she got the bug again when I put some of my work on my Facebook page. So we managed to turn the fire back on again let see how we progress. We have a rejoining old artist to our troops… Don’t think twice pick up a brush with some paints and join us too…. yes you that reading. Here are a couple of mines which I have painted from the pictures…

Baaaaaaaa Muriel view