King Charles the Martyr Church

Welcome to abstract King Charles Martyr Church in Tunbridge Wells. On my last oil/acrylics evening class we painted realistic abstracts. Some times I paint a portrait which demands some good lines and look a like features and I find it challenging and enjoyable. Often I find that I need to escape those lines and paint loose and more abstract. I enjoy both, although I find that when I paint abstract I enjoy some freedom and the paintings is full with me with my personal expressions.  It also give the viewer their own say about the picture, which I enjoy very much. I have no doubt that soon there will be here few more portraits based on my abstract’s freedom too… Enjoy.

King Charles the Martyr Church

The Trot

You probably remember my sketch of Brown Gait few weeks ago. I was trying to paint my first horse and I tried it with water-colours sketch. To be honest I was going to paint a bigger painting of this horse in Oil and probably got distracted by the snow. This week I had some spare time and ‘The Trot‘ was near completion. I still have to do some more touching but I thought to let him exercise out here in the open menage.

The Trot

I had to give it another touch which i finally did.. I think it is now finished.

the Brown Trot

Season change

Only a short while ago we were picking poppies in the field and now we are sitting looking at the snow from our window. One season comes another just gone and soon it will return again… The circle of life.

Snow Storm Remind me Summer

The Vase

My son went a couple of weeks ago on a year backpacking trip around the world and before he left one day he bought some flowers for his mum. Each day they opened up bigger and stood very proudly, fresh against the window. I had to add them to the list of my paintings.

The Vase

Put your bets Now

A day at the races, put your bets now… First come, win it all.. I personally Don’t like the sound of it. I love horses but I am not fond of betting not sure I like the racing that comes with it. What do you feel about it?


Knole Park

Knowle’s National Trust, is one of the nice places we have around this area. Last summer we were out painting there and the sun was shinning…. Couple of months later and it is the white stuff all over…

Knole under Snow