Just love the colour and I can see from my window that our lavender just start flowering.. Enjoy the smell. I am sure you will see here few more later on, once they have grown we will paint them somewhere locally outdoor.


The Italian Job

This is our last Oil’s session for this season. I can not do more evenings due to health so I’ll have to find something during the day to continue developing my oils media work. It needs few more touches which I’ll do later on.. Enjoy.

the italians

It is getting hot

I have no doubt it is much hotter here now than it was yesterday.. Where is everybody I asked? probably gone to the beach… To all my friends that run to sea-side or flown away to a nice holiday and left us here to relax and paint.

It is getting hot in here


A trip to Yalding Teapot island with the MOPS on a nice cold day… is ain’t it supposed to be summer yet?

One of the local neighbours invite us to paint a magical field view from his house..

Frank's fields

On the river

on the green river

The same from little further away

On the River

And the Green river boat

Green boat

I apologise to everybody recently my blog is playing with me, I visit friends here and try to like their work or leave comments and it all goes pear shaped. I still love you all and I see your work but sometime the system is not that friendly… never mind have fun it is free blogging at it’s best.

The calm after…

Oil’s evening was painting a small landscape with views we like.. we also had to show some emotion. I found a picture of this forest with a stream in the middle and few trees laying on the ground.. I called it ‘The Calm after the Storm’ . Hope you ar sitting down relaxing after a good day looking forward for a good weekend with a cup of coffee and no storms forecast… enjoy

The Calm after the Storm

Millenium View

I have recently joined the ‘Tunbridge Wells Outdoor Art Club’ for landscape painting. Today we had our first delayed outing from last week to the ‘Millenium View’ near Matfield. I have met a superb two great experienced painters who also are very nice people. We enjoyed a super warm day painting with little picnic on site. If you live in our area and want to join us on one of our future outing, please drop me a line.

Millenium View