St. Loup cat

I probably will end paying some royalty for this little cat that chased us in Bandouille.. Actually I did asked it, if I can sketched it and the answer was Meow meow mais Oui mais Oui… I even took a paw signature just in-case. And you clearly see the modling skills in the eyes…

St Loup

Santorini for Violet

Promised few days ago to post my new version of Santorini paintings for Violet and saw that Poppy celebrating her HB today. So it is for you both to share on the 3rd.July and if you close your eye you can think it is another part of 3rd.Jan for some.

Santorini Violet and Poppy

Birch Wood

When the sun come out.. you just can’t avoid going out and this time it was to Birch Wood. I met a woman walking her dog and near the tree she told me that her mum used to tell her that in this tree the witches used to live.. I wonder..

Witch tree

The scenery view looks like that;

Birch Wood view