Low Tide

The wind is blowing outside a northern cold air and everything is sitting still… There is not a soul out there, beside it is low tide and no one can go out to sea fishing today anyhow…

Low Tide

Wet in Wet

I am trying to keep my promise and paint small paintings each day if I can. Actually it is quite easy as the paper and paints are just beside me on the desk, so no excuse not to try. Every day when I have few minutes free I try it and it never takes more than 15-30 minutes to sketch one. Especially when I practice with water colours, wet in wet technique. I some time looking on other artists work and subjects and some time it is all mine. OK so need little more time to dry up and many more to paint if I ever want to get better.

Afternoon break in the shade Quick lunch Gathering Flying Rook Dogy walk When treest drop in Pesach Flowers Spring

Friday Supper

On monday evening in my Oil class, we had to paint an abstract painting with no Brushes. I normally deep my hands and fingers anyway so I wondered what else should I use. I have decided to use a fork and knife.. so all that left was to think about the subject and it all clicked when I had a fish and chips picked the other night in that new store that opened down the road from where we live. I picked up few of those little plastic forks they have there on display and the subject came all together clear to me also.. Enjoy.

Friday Supper

4 AM Sketch

What can one do during the night when you can not sleep and your chronic pains play with you. You feel lousy it is freezing cold and  it is snowing outside… I think drink a nice warm green tea and make sure you keep warm with an extra layer… and of-course sketch something to pass the time and warm the heart and keep the mind.

The Bridge at 4 AM

Born Free

Always remember that ‘Born free’ movie… wanted to have my own version and fall in love with those three little cubs. Hope you are going too. I have inserted three stages while painting. Enjoy.

Stage 1

Born Free 1

Stage 2

Born Free 2

Stage 3

Born Free 3


You thought with the name that you probably will see a post about the ‘Titanic’, Or another try to paint that disaster. Well sorry it is not going to be ‘The Titanic’ but something based on it. In our oil painting class the subject was to paint something in a box or with space…. We had to paint something that you could see and show that there was space inside it something like box with some items inside it. Looking around the class, I saw this cupboard full of books and cloths. So I knew that it will be my box space and contents for this session. I start painting it and I only did a couple of shelves.. Karen my great teacher asked what will be at the bottom, or what is it standing on? I told her that I’ll have think about something… was not sure at all. After a while ‘The Titanic Library’ surfaced in mind… I have decided to put it in the water… waves, sinking… you know the full Titanic. The paintings was completed and I name it… ‘Titanic Library’. Hope no one is going to pull the plug though.. I am still thinking if I should add a gold-fish, a shark or maybe none… After all there is not a  matter of survives but jus good books.. What do you think?

Titanic Library


Our sevenoaks Art Club started a new society called the MOPS which is midweek outdoors painters. We try to meet every fortnight in another location and paint in the fresh air.. This week we met in Ide Hill and it was little more then fresh… It was rainning and blowing gale storm. So each member set in their car and sketch painted. I prepare my painting which later I finished indoors! in Oils for a change, all is painted with a knife which was quite new to me. Enjoy.

Ide Hill Heavy shower clear the last snow

Afternoon relaxation

I find modern painters also giving me great inspiration and understanding on how to progress in my little world. It helps me to practice some new ideas and try to understand how I should improve. When the sun is high and the heat is on your head you just need to find a place with some shade and lay around so I learnt. I watched some of Stephen Higton great work recently. He has an amazing paintings skills which I enjoyed learning by looking at his work. I found him to be also a great inspiration and I enjoy looking at the way he paint, at times it look very simple straight forward but very meaningful. I hope you gain it with experience so I have decided to try to paint one of his paintings subject in water-colours, mind you it was not hot at all and no shade was needed here. It is far from being Stephen skillful work, as he work in Oils, but it was nice to practice and pretend with my water colours washes. I often see a good paintings, picture and I try to work it out and ask myself how do they do it. Many times I work from my own pictures and ideas but I always feel that I have few steps to climb I am sure some of you feel the same. I am sure you will visit Stephen site and understand how far I have to go in this journey, I am sure you will enjoy the real work anyhow. Mean time I will continue to practice my skills and hope that one day I’ll be able to find my style and special niche in this beautiful journey but enormous world.

Afternoon break in the shade

My View

I enjoy some loose, abstract style that give me great expression and feel while painting. So when I have few spare minutes.. I play and splash some paints little water and later I try to look and find what I can see in the painting… Try it, it’s quite relaxing and intriguing, I never know what results I am going to have and when you show it to someone else it is amazing what they find too…

Through the Bush

3 Trees in my View