In one of our recent SAC meeting we had a session producing collage.. It clearly took me some time back in my memory lane.. probably to nursery times or early school. I loved every minute and managed to paint the ‘Lollipop trees and a boat’ and the ‘The Egg and the Chick’. Only using newspapers cut on a board with acrylics ink/ acrylics… quite easy. Enjoy and have a great Easter everybody.The Chick and the egg

Lollipop trees and a boat


Once I got ill one of the thing I had to drop was my golf which I loved so much… Every week I used to look forward to play at the weekend in TWGC. I would like to dedicate the club, one of my recent oil paintings, ‘The First’. As the name suggest you can see the view of the first and the second holes at the club. Looking at it I know how much I missed the game… Beside as you can see, the place is so beautiful and it is right in the middle of the town. I am sure there will be more pictures from the club displayed here soon.

The First

The Alley

I discovered  Viktoria Prishedko work recently and I admire it. I always find realistic abstracts as fun and joy to paint. I have tried it in recent days and practice here another one of her recent paintings. I just called it the ‘Walking the Alley’ .. I think I have some much work to do and a long way to go before I acheive her qualityand superb atmosphere. Thanks for the inspiration, Viktoria and many more who paint in such a beautiful relaxed style.

Walking the Alley

F1 New Season

I hope you like sport as It is shortly (actually today) the start of the new season of F1. Some time if I am not busy, I tend to watch it although in the past I used to watch it more.  Is it a sign of getting old, or maybe painting ‘take over’ while F1 is in the ‘pit lane’…  Sorry about the jargon, even I get impressed from my writting ability and word selection. Anyhow, I thought I’ll try to paint the reigning champion of 2011 and 2012 which actually did not do bad at all today in Australia… He came 3rd. I was a sleep as it was very early and later when the replay was on, I was busy and could not watch it… yes I was painting my long-term portrait like the masters project… Enjoy.

Vettle F1

Happy Birthday

I wonder if that is going to work, passing a message as far as next door.. Why not, now a day with all the latest technology, it should work..  All I wante to say is Happy Birthday..

I saw a painting by Viktoria Prishedko which I very much liked, so I have tried it myself. I would like to paint few more paintings in this simmilar style.. Which I will have to practice in the near future…. Mean time I hope I managed to have simmilarity in my paintings the ‘Cuddle in the Piazza’ and ‘Dry Red’…

Cuddle in the PiazzaHappy Birthday