3 Colours

Sometime I am trying to restrict my palette and work only with main 3 primary colours, or any just three colours. Someone challenged me with this one, if I can paint this painting in 10 minutes.. I normally paint  quick… not sure why?!

3 colours

The Day After

Many predicted an apocalypse thank goodness no one was right and why should they? We are not going to give up our beautiful little planet ho no way!  I often wonder would it look the next day like that…

The Day After

The lake four trees and some ducks

I would not know how to spend a better day? Bough Beech host the MOPS and what a great afternoon it was. I have used the water oil base paints for the last time as I so much enjoy using proper oils…as you will see in future. It was cleaner and easier to use the water base, but I don’t mind i wonder if you have preference? I am sure they will return for the outdoors one day…

Bough Beech

At the Marina

Often I see some exercises in various magazines and when I have spare moment or two I tried them on… As I always said practice make you better, beside it not taking too long if you are not trying to do you best ever masterpiece. This one was with Paul Weaver


Kaleidoscope Exhibition

Exhibition is now open until 30/11/2013 and you are all welcome to visit.

On 21/11/13 18:00 you are invited for our Reception evening, please come for a free drink and talk to the artists of Sevenoaks Art Club.

Our Exhibition is associated with a local charity ‘Rockdale’ who provid shelter housing for the elderly. We created a ‘Rockdale Wall’ with many painted canvasses, all at only £10.00 and total amount is donated for ‘Rockdale’. Come and help us to support them.