Second visit to Teston Park

Teston Bridge is very beautiful so I have painted another angle in our second visit… Hopefully when I grow up and become an artist I’ll be able to paint you the all bridge in one paintings.. Have a very great weekend everybody and stay warm and safe in snowy USA.

Teston Monoment

The Race

Sorry dear friends it is the first time I manage to enter my blog after wordpress server fault, my apology if I did not reply to you until now but as we say… we are back, so welcome back.

While the blue paint is wet I thought I should add another one to my collection for the exhibition. I have few more in mind but that might be for another exhibition but mean time put your sun-cream lotion, your glasses on and enjoy ‘The Race’ no betting please…

The race is on

Three white on each side..

Dear friends, I first would like to wish everybody Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Chanukah.

In my Sevenoaks art club last session we painted to ‘Emotion’.  I felt quite Relaxed so the best place I associate it with, was the sea-side.. Hope it make you also relaxed.

The easiest way to take a photo with the long canvases was for both to be together.

Three on the right

Three on the left

Three white on each side


All the world is concerned about energy.. we just had recently a price hike and announcement on more nuclear power.. Did not like the idea so much nor the safety involved after what we saw in Japan. While it is all going around us I have prepared a new painting for my current annual art club exhibition running in November.. I decided to call it ‘Wind’.. I am sure it will never blow those politicians away… But hopefully will send a strong message and save our little planet. I am slow putting my painting up here as the exhibition is already on. So I would like to thank everybody that visited me and for all those great messages you all sent me in recent days. Have a great weekend and hopefully the message artists often try to express in their paintings would reach more listeners where ever they are . Hopefully it will make less harm to our lovely world and save it lasting longer for our children too.


It is placed in a prominent position at the exhibition and shout loud our message…

Flowers for you

Some time I think about you all out there and never sure what you are up too… I recently read some interesting comments some are sad and some make me laugh. I love this community feel we have and hope we can help each other when we are not so good. Hope that might help, yes those flowers are for you all, have a great week….

Often I feel that paintings can express so much more than words can communicate and next Thursday when I open my club exhibition I will have you all in mind and I’ll use this sentence above in my talk. Stay safe where ever you are. And It goes without say that our thoughts are all with the people in the Philippines who suffered from the Haiyan.

red Jar

Mystery circles…

Saw an art club friend the other day and inspired to paint and play with circles.. not those real mystery you see in the fields..  I am sure there will be few more to come just watch this ‘SPACE’…. Have a mystery weekend where ever you are.

Mystery circles

Do you think there is meowing on the moon?

Is it fun in the neighbourhood that everyone dressed up or is it just the normal Thursday evening meeting under the moon of the cats society committee?  I think it is spooky Halloween night…

Hey Milkshake do you think the cats on the moon also celebrate Halloween? Daisy I actually not sure as I can’t see anyone from here… do you?

Angel and the moon

Happy Halloween everybody…. Meowwwwww

Cara, that is your moon in the picture… Mind you there were few days passed since I last saw it…so it was grown to full moon… Enjoy.