Teston Brown Banana skin

I loved the dry flower but could not ignore the bridge… and then I ate my banana so I tried finishing the painting with it… I was amazed how good tool it was… and it left no flavour but lines…. Oil paints are toxic don’t try it at home even not with icecream.

Teston Brown

Diwali Tropical

A friend told me that tonight it is Diwali… So dear friends around the globe if you celebrate it today, hope you are going to have a great Diwali you and your family.







Long Boat

While working with water colours I experimented on some mix media combination checking what is going with what… in this one I used some WC and Acrylics..

Long Boat


Abstract is often the way I enjoy my painting more.. it is a little more a realistic abstract..  Clearly it is one of the direction I have taken with my paintings. I started an abstract class once a week for couple of hours so hope you will enjoy my work and don’t hesitate to criticise otherwise how you expect me to improve… There will be more to come… I have many people thankfully who inspired me and few important are even here, blogging as we do… They already know as I often mentioned it before, but some are completely outsiders, so if you find a good one don’t hesitate to direct me to see their work.. hope you will enjoy it too.

Hot Send

15 Minutes Each

On our first abstarct evening we had to paint a rainbow within 15 minutes..

We had to use in this welcome, warm up exercise only 3 primeries and white…

End of a Shower

and then we had to paint anything we like to show ‘time’..



It is the first cold day of the year.. My hands are freezing cold so I have to paint very quick while outdoor and run back to the car.. my sanctury.. a day out with the MOPS,



Last year when we painted in Farningham we had to run away as it start raining very heavy. This week we were back with SAC and although there was drizzel in the air when we started painting it cleared up.. I painted ‘The Lion Pub’..

The Lion at Farningham

The village

Someone send me a link to Buble mix, so he popped in and kicked the classic music off.. Sound like the weekend is starting here.. Hope you are all going to have a great one…

I saw the other day Alan Reed work so I tried to pass half an hour trying his Jebel Akhdar… OK got the message must keep practice it is not half way as good….

Village on the rocks