Stone Street

Our Tuesday’s MOPS outing to Stone Street


Last Tuesday we visited Stone Street near Sevenoaks, unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pictures to show from this beautiful village but make sure to google it and enjoy (Actually my recent pictures from the Snail will be suitable here, but I am sure we will return one day soon…). We had many artists on site and as it is next to our friend Graham in ‘The Snail Pub’, our picnic turned for lunch at the pub. We had great friends of the groups visiting us and although they are normally don’t join us painting due to other commitments, they had lunch with us. After all who is going to refuse a good lunch at the Snail with Michael the chef?


I am still waiting for pictures from the group, but meantime as I always do, I put mine on.

Looking out the Snail tn

Next week we are at Dean Forest so come…

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