21 Replies to “Contact”

  1. hello, visited your blog, https://doronart.com/. I would like to inform you that I found your comment in my spam box. I would also like to inform that my blog, http://harshitchauhan.wordpress.com/ is going through the very same problem. If you contact or reply me we can together solve the problem. since i have marked your comment as “not spam”, as of now you can comment on my blog. moreover, i have also detected why we are facing the problem. please do contact me.
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    you can email me on the same address ie. : harshitchauhan21@gmail.com

    please do reply. I shall be eagerly waiting for ur reply.
    take care

  2. hi doron,

    thank you for dropping by and liking my recent post.
    your paintings look absolutely beautiful. i will encourage my kids who loves to draw to visit and learn a thing or two from you.
    have a good weekend ahead.

    best regards,

    1. Kap thank you very much to return a visit. They are always welcome and encourage them as it is nice and the earlier they start the better they will become but it must be a joy.

  3. Doronart
    What amazing creative talent in art you display. I like your creative mind and your skills as an artist. Especially like your floral, and mountain paintings

    1. Thank you very much, is it karen? I appreciate your comment and hope I will be able to continue to deliver. I often find that the most important in creativity and development is to enjoy what you do. It is a learning curve and I feel very privilege to be part of. I enjoy your work and now that I found your blog I’ll see it more often too. Thank you.

    1. Steven Thank you very much for selecting me. I always avoid awards here and I apology as I always believe that having great people like yourself visiting me it is the best award one can give me. Thank you very much and I am sure you understand.

      1. I understand completely! This is actually the first time I’ve done nominations as previously I have had that mindset. No worries 🙂

  4. Doron… congratulations on your journey, on your work…. I greatly enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed your self-portraits and viewing your gallery. Also, I wish to say thank you for viewing my work here on WP. – Best, Gabriel (in California); http://gabrielnavar.com

    1. Rob Thank you so much for thinking about me giving your awards. Unfortunately the only awards I receive is great people like you visiting my blog and I really appreciate your consideration and I do apologise. Keep up the great work as I enjoy visiting you also.

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