‘I can Sea you’

Couple of days ago I have written about the eyes which I am learning and trying to paint for my faces, portraits. I thought I should go one step forward with my eyes, see, sight and paint an abstract of one of the places I love watching, visiting, painting.. So I created ‘ I can Sea you’… You probably will ask me what is it got to do with eyes… Not a lot… but you can See and then there is another different way The Sea, yes the one I love don’t you?

I always tell people here that everyone can paint and this is another example why…. Go on try it or maybe you did before, so please Email me your version of ‘I can Sea you’ so we can put a collection here… Enjoy

I can Sea you

Watching You

Thank you for visiting me again while I am working on some eyes for my portraits.. I have decided to watch what you actually up too when you are around…. Only a friendly watch of-course, as it is not a big brother planet here and I don’t possess any magic powers yet.

Soon I am going to learn how to paint portraits the way the old masters use to do, so if you have any tips for me before I start or a portrait to show here so we can all learn from you… please email it to me; doronart@uwclub.net


Watching You


The weekend is time for relaxation of the body and freeing your soul, time to enjoy your hobbies and activities. I painted in the week some scenery with some rocks. I did it while visiting a new painting club in the area from a newspaper scenery picture in the travel section. However I felt something was missing in this painting, but was not sure what else to add… A nice lady at the club even said that I should stop fiddling with the painting (a term used when you paint and keep adding more and more) leave it she said, as it is, you captured the scene from the picture. Yesterday talking to my son he mentioned that he did some climbing while travelling and he would like to do it again soon. It all clicked, I knew what was missing in this calm painting, yes that Saturday activity… Enjoy

On the Rocks

Or you can just watch the rocks…

Facing the Rocks

Thoughts and Feeling

During my INPUT course one of the subjects we learn is about the thoughts and feelings. With our chronic pains the way we think about the situation normally influence what we do. It also influence the way we feel about it. Many times you can change things in your life by working on your thoughts and feeling. Some of these sessions used symbols to help and explain what was happening with our thoughts and feelings. I have tried to paint them here in colours… that will make it even easier to visualise, think and understand. Hopefully they can help you to identify and think about the situation and deal with it in a better way. Good luck and remember, painting sometime can help you to express yourself, make you see, think and feel better instead of trying to push your thoughts and feelings away or even ignoring them all while you can’t face or identify them. Enjoy.

Thoughts & feelings


In recent trip to Spain, to Castril Valley, near Granada, sitting on a raft relaxing… It was so hot! This area have some great water reservoirs, lakes made in heaven. Put it on your next holiday trip’s list as a must to see! The water are turquoise like you never seen before… Around 16:00 there is a wind that break this beautiful turquoise mirror and it is all changing, as in Blue Water Rafting below;

Turquoise Rafting

Turquoise reservoir


I have been told that wearing lipstick can change your brain chemistry and boost confidence. This lady told me it was true. What do you think?

Red Lipstick

En plein air

The French called it ‘En plein air’ or as we say ‘in the Open Air’ which is also called peinture sur le motif ‘painting on the ground’ in French. Loved those French terms all I know is that I allways wanted to experience it… I have tried it few times before and found it much better to paint as you can see all the ‘Fiftey Shades of Grey’… did not try to bring sex into the sunbject, but it is true, you can see many more colours that a photograph some time hide. Today we spent couple of hours in ‘Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve’ (you must visit, it is a beautiful place)… I add a couple of sketches, Enjoy


I finished my INPUT course last Friday and returned home with some hope. Did not have the best of week though with my health but at least now I have some better knowledge how to deal and manage it.  While I was not at my best I managed to sketch a bit. The last few days I feel slightly better … so it was back to painting again. First I had to show my friends that there is always some light at the end so never give up. While relaxing I also saw my day stretching from Dawn to Dusk, so I have tried to put it in colours too. If you also suffer from Chronic Pains visit this site; www.ppip.org.uk

Painting and Chronic pains

After my operations I suffered severe chronic pains. I am currently participating in a course at St. Thomas Hospital teaching me how to live with pains (INPUT). I share this course with Kerry, Kay, Vivien, Rahme, Pat, Sue and Zoe. At times when the pains reach high level we all in common found that we turned away to our ‘Room’ which is our safety zone sanctuary.

I always loved the seaside and for me it is a beautiful icon of freedom and pleasure, pains free. With recent inspiration from Martin Taylor’s series of painted postcards, in The Artist magazine I have also painted some postcards during my hospital stay with my small travel painting kit. I am going to give one of the cards, to each one of my new friends, so at times when they feel down they can visit the imaginative beautiful seaside and gain some strength to deal with the pains… I said before that everyone can paint and painting always gave me additional strength during my illness. I hope one day to encourage and help many more people that suffer like me to paint as all they have to do is to pick-up paints and brushes and enjoy the therapeutic art, it helps.