Back to the club

As a self taught painter, I recognise that in order to get better, you also need to have a class or two to uplift your game and knowledge. In such environment you have someone experienced who understands the subject standing beside you ready to teach or correct you. You feel much safer if there is someone around you to guide and give you direction but at the same time can also develop your skills even better. I took an adult education course for drawing and painting which I also found, while spending so much time at home as a good way to socialising. While taking the class, I also returned and spent more time with the painting group at my golf club. Every time I went to this inviting nice group, which I very much love, I felt that my painting was also improving. In a way it was my compensation, while being there and meeting the members, for not being able to play golf which I missed a lot since I became ill. In this group we mainly paint in water colours and everyone paints their own subject, although we watch each others work. We have some very good painters in this group and some are always on hand to suggest or show us how to do something or correct it when it all goes pear shaped. Of-course we have a tea break when we leave the painting and catch up with the latest gossip in the club, and the world. I find it a very relaxing and enjoyable couple of hours and it is amazing to see how people that have never held a brush became such a good painters, pros! We have a long wall in the club to display our work that we change regularly with new paintings week by week.

Getting better

Time has passed since I first started painting and slowly but gradually I feel a great improvement. Recently, I found the courage to try other Medias beside the water colours I used to paint with. It is easy and not such an expensive trial if you pick up a starter student pack. All you do is try to see if it suits you and your style and if it does not there is no big loss. To be honest, I always wanted to paint with Oil or Acrylics. Slowly I have gained some experience and I recently attempted those different Medias which I found very enjoyable to work with. After some tests I painted a couple of pictures. I have taken an evening Oil painting class in the Adult Education centre, to make sure that I understand how to use the Oil correctly. Using some strong and smelly materials made me concerned so I wanted to follow it right before I caused too much damage. To be honest that is the beauty of being able to seek help when you deal with something new that you are not 100% sure about, for everything else we have the internet. Other wise you can always learn by trial and error. It is much easier now a day as you can Google a question or a subject and everything falls into your hands. It is up to you to try and experiment with the subject and the more you do it the easy and clearer it becomes. I think the most important concept in this subject which has huge information, is not to fear and try everything you like to do, you can always do another one. Trust me I never painted before and with time you get better, the more you do the easier it become. I cannot recommend it more and you do not have to wait years till you retire as many do. Keep it as a hobby even if you are still going through your daily survival game, it can only relax you and add some beauty to your life.

Learning by watching others

Joining the SAA was a changing point in my painting journey. I could watch and read about other artists I also could buy some tools at very reasonable prices and explore the ‘Painting’ world. I picked up various techniques and realised that there are so many methods and so many ways to paint and there was more to learn about it. Doing and practicing was the best method to move along. All over a sudden I realised that this is such a big world and there is so much to learn and to do, but you cannot do it all. I quickly learned that everyone can paint and there is always a way of painting that can suit someone out there.

I started painting in water colour which to my surprise as I discovered later was not the easiest media to work with. But the majority of people start with water colours first as they remember their school days and think it is the quickest way to start. Once you do, you very quickly find that it is a little different. Initially I tried to follow all the painting video classes and do some drawing as improving here made the painting easier. Drawing is an easy task as you can always take with you a sketch book and couple of pencils. Painting can act as a medicine, when you paint it takes your mind off your pains. Every day I am looking forward to my painting. Sometimes I read about it and sometimes I may watch a program about painting or an artists. Everything about paintings fascinates me and I continuously drown in the strong flowing stream of painting. But with time I learn to swim along the way and some time even managed to paint some good painting too.

At the beginning

Hi my name is Doron, I have decided to start a blog to show my paintings. For some time I wanted to tell my story and to take people along my journey with painting. My main reason is that I am sure there are many people out there in a very similar situation. I hope that my story will encourage others and will prove that everyone can paint.

For several years I had some health problem and no one could identify what was the cause. The diagnosis was changed every few months. Finally following some findings, my consultant decided that I should have an operation and it would change my life. I was not sure at the time that he was right to make such a statement! But some change obviously happened that is why I am writing about it.

In 2009 I had an operation which after few days proved to be a mistake. After a long time of suffering, the professionals decided that something is wrong and I had to go under the knife yet once more. But that is another story and not the one I want to share here. I had to stop working, a job which I very much enjoyed. Due to the continuous problems that followed the second operation I am still sitting indoors on most days unable to go back to my job.

Sitting indoor, was not fun for me as I am an outgoing person, love people and socialising. I also enjoyed taking part in sport. I soon realised that before I go insane I must find some activity to keep me going. I took an Open University course but quickly realised that I cannot concentrate due to the medication I was on so I had to find something else… the question was what????

I always fancied drawing and never found time to do it. I discovered in my Golf Club, there was a painting club, which focused more on the socialising side so I joined. I could not attend often as I was sick and I realised that I did not have a clue about painting. Very quickly I knew that I liked the subject and thought maybe I should learn a bit about it before I returned to the club although help was on hand. I watched some videos on the internet and bought a couple of books. I had all the time in the world to draw and later on to even starting to paint. On the television there was a painting program that I watched for a few times, it led me to join a society called ‘The Society for all artists’- in short the SAA.

Some of my paintings are based on pictures I have seen and lessons I watched on the SAA quarterly magazine and TV channel.