Last year..

Last year in my art class we painted to the sound of music. Each person chose their piece.. I have painted this painting to the sound by Samuel Barber ‘Adagio for Strings’. This Acrylics painting is in memory of so many heros… The music was played on the BBC in memory of 9/11 and it always remind me that very sad moment….

Adagio for String

Painting to Music

This morning we had a great session in my ‘SAC’ as we all were painting to music. I have chosen Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings as one of my favourite. You should have seen at the end of the session, the great varied paintings people painted, each to their favourite music. I enjoy all sort of music even though I listen to Classical music most days. Adagio for Strings always remind me the documentary we had here in the tribute for 9/11. For me it was a very sad day in our history when so many people lost their life. I often ask myself what is it all about, can’t we just respect and love each other. My painting is one of the pictures that I think will always remain in my mind of that day for great heroes…

Adagio for Strings