St. Loup cat

I probably will end paying some royalty for this little cat that chased us in Bandouille.. Actually I did asked it, if I can sketched it and the answer was Meow meow mais Oui mais Oui… I even took a paw signature just in-case. And you clearly see the modling skills in the eyes…

St Loup

The view from The window

Some time ago I have started painting the view from my class window looking outside in Oil. I never finished it and always felt that something was missing but was not sure what. The other day I saw a picture of a cat and decided that’s it, I need to add the cat somehow to my unfinished window’s picture and now I have done it… I think ‘Pussycat View’ is ready. OK at least in my view…

Pussycat View

The Trot

You probably remember my sketch of Brown Gait few weeks ago. I was trying to paint my first horse and I tried it with water-colours sketch. To be honest I was going to paint a bigger painting of this horse in Oil and probably got distracted by the snow. This week I had some spare time and ‘The Trot‘ was near completion. I still have to do some more touching but I thought to let him exercise out here in the open menage.

The Trot

I had to give it another touch which i finally did.. I think it is now finished.

the Brown Trot


I was asked to paint monkeys for a friend and found an article about ‘Pinkie’. This is a small tribute to ‘Pinkie’ from Tacugama Chimpanzee sanctuary in Sierra Leone. They run a chimpanzee rehabilitation scheme there and Pinkie arrived there around 1999. It was the only albino chimp in the world. One rainy day in April 2002, she was found dead which was quite a mystery how? So this painting is to all the people who care for her.



Lately I enjoy painting wild life, probably following my earlier visit to the Wildfowl reserve. I always enjoyed looking at horses, their power and sheer beauty. Few months ago while in hospital I have painted three horses following an article I read about Dee Cowell who was experimenting with Derwent Artbars. I only had a travel kit with some basics water colours for my interpretation.. At least I could only look forward watching those horses on the beach to my freedom once I come out.


Off-course later on I have painted another version of shiny horses painted in acrylics… I am sure that in future you will see few more versions..

Coloured dust