Football Madness

Dear friends, you might think I abandoned you all as I kept away from my Blog and didn’t reply to your comments. I do apologise for it, as you all know I would never desert you, as I love your friendship and company. I normally can’t sit long on the computer so at times the Blog get less priority on the to do daily list. I do paint when I feel better and as you will see I have many posts here sitting for sometime which screaming for me to air them to you. Please bear with me when I am away and be assured I’ll visit you all every time I can. You will see from the subject here below that the post had to be published much, much earlier so thank you for your patience and support.

It was the world cup in Brazil and everybody was going mad… that is if you love football other wise you go mad as you get too much of it and it does not matter where you go. last year I painted my son playing football on the beach… I had an idea to do it again in acrylics as an abstract project.. Enjoy

Football on the beach tn

It is getting hot

I have no doubt it is much hotter here now than it was yesterday.. Where is everybody I asked? probably gone to the beach… To all my friends that run to sea-side or flown away to a nice holiday and left us here to relax and paint.

It is getting hot in here

Autumn arriving

I love autumn’s colours and I can feel it is just around the corner. The first sign for me before the change of colours on the trees, is by watching the beautiful beach getting empty, stark naked….It’s make you feel sad… Where is everybody?

Autumn on the Beach

Selling my Art work

Several times friends have asked me about buying my art work and I was not sure how to go about it. I followed some of my friend’s Blogs here and saw how they did it and thought why not give it a try. I have accumulated many paintings although I have given some away and donated others I still have enough left.  In recent club exhibitions people have shown interest in my work. It gives me pleasure to see that other people can enjoy my work. I want to continue to improve and progress all the time and invest more in equipment that I need to do so. I also want to be in a better position and able to donate more to the charity which helps my chronic pains. So I made the move and signed with a new online company which I enjoyed seeing their work by other artists. I hope you also will enjoy my work and help me by buying it online via Imagekind.

I hope that together we can all visit and explore ‘Paradise’ my latest painting in oil which I can see as my new direction for selling my artwork.


I feel like taking a box with paints and some accessories and visit this beach myself….