Pokehill farm

Often I put a painting or two in my post and make a small comment about it and click the publish.. some time they even sit here few days waiting for this button push. I don’t want it to sound like an old cliché repeating again and again, but I really appreciate all your visits here, taking the time to push that little button of ‘like’ and for many others even for taking those extra few minutes to make a comment. I know that there is so much else to do now a day and you probably due else where. leave alone that those blogs are some sort of addiction and time-consuming. But without you dear friend what are those blogs going to be like. I thank you all for spending time here and for your great friendship from the bottom of my heart. I met such great people thanks to this Blog I could not do with out. Thank you for opening my eyes and teaching me so much letting me entering to your little worlds….

I came back from a week home sitting looking after friend’s place. It is a beautiful place and  I could not resist enjoying painting outside while the weather was great.

What started like that;

The tree next to the bar

Over the pond

Pokhill farm

The Bar

Ended like that;

The heart tree

Herons over Pokehill

My garden of flowers

Take care and have a super weekend…

A Winner

As you remember I have mentioned in the start of ‘My journey’ that when I begin to paint I joined the association for all artists the SAA. Following the magazine tuitions and videos, I slowly learn to paint. It took me some time and courage until this year, but I have started sending some of my painting for their magazine quarterly competition. I was amazed to see that my ‘Happy New Year’ painting actually won the September special bonus prize. It makes me feel great and enjoy my painting even more. So thank you to the SAA and off-course to all my friends here that support my work all year round. I hope that many more will deep in and start enjoy painting. (I will have to ask to change the ‘her’ to ‘his’. ‘Paint’ is the quarterly magazine)

SAA 20 years

Happy New Year all