Do you think there is meowing on the moon?

Is it fun in the neighbourhood that everyone dressed up or is it just the normal Thursday evening meeting under the moon of the cats society committee?  I think it is spooky Halloween night…

Hey Milkshake do you think the cats on the moon also celebrate Halloween? Daisy I actually not sure as I can’t see anyone from here… do you?

Angel and the moon

Happy Halloween everybody…. Meowwwwww

Cara, that is your moon in the picture… Mind you there were few days passed since I last saw it…so it was grown to full moon… Enjoy.

The view from The window

Some time ago I have started painting the view from my class window looking outside in Oil. I never finished it and always felt that something was missing but was not sure what. The other day I saw a picture of a cat and decided that’s it, I need to add the cat somehow to my unfinished window’s picture and now I have done it… I think ‘Pussycat View’ is ready. OK at least in my view…

Pussycat View