A year after I did this painting below, I return to visit something which is 100% me ‘Doronart.com’ but yet it was very distance from me for some time. I don’t make any excuses for not visiting here often enough, even though plenty changed since I last wrote the words here below that I’ll keep as they were when I wrote this post. I often think about you all and wonder where a year took you all too. Hope you are all OK and healthy, happy souls who create great things in life. I started some treatment that although did not cure me, yet it helped me to discover a new world still within the art that one day I’ll come back to tell you about. I have many paintings I left here as drafts so every time I have I’ll come back to release and reorganise the site. I never stopped painting as it is my best daily medicine and I could not survive without it. I created a web site for my work but even there I did not spend a lot of time recently. I never stop thinking about you all so keep smiling. mean time the painting below was to help our Mind Organisation to raise some funds and my art club still trying to do the same right now by auctioning some of our art. If you have time to spare you can visit and help or just enjoy our works here. I apologise for not visiting you all but I can assure you all are deep in my heart.

Early in October I participated in chairty fund raising for our local ‘Mind Organisation’. Each person participated in the idea had to draw something with one line. Some did forget the rules and created some great work, however I managed to keep them  going and created the brain from little people… We had all sort of people participating and I managed to bring along many of my friends from the club to help. As you can see from the link and gallery even the current prime minester donated a drawing. Anyway hope you some time make a stop and also try to give something to the community you are living in. Enjoy my contribution…

Brain full of people tn


Mind Organisation Squiggle Event

I participate in a charity event to raise money for ‘Mind organisation’ and would appreciate if you can find a friend that will help to support them too. I am sure you will, once you see the interesting list of artists… Thanks, Doron (I’ll present my painting after the opening evening as requested by the organisers).

Dear all,

Have you heard about our Mini Mystery Masterpiece initiative?

50 local people, artists and public figures are creating artwork (postcard size) in the style of Mind. They are aiming to use one continuous line based on the “squiggle” (formal name “blue spider”) in Mind’s logo. The interpretations so far are very different and fantastic!  The idea is that we sell all 50 mini masterpieces for £15 each in advance of an evening unveiling event on World Mental Health Day (10th  October) at Barclays Bank.  Who will take home which mini mystery masterpiece?

With 50 amazing Mini Masterpieces available, this event is proving popular and already we have our 50 artists! If you’d like to buy a Mini Masterpiece, you can make your purchase via http://sevenoaksareamind.org.uk/magical/mystery-mini-masterpieces or by emailing me to reserve one and sending in a cheque for £15 made payable to “Sevenoaks Area Mind” please.

Note that you do not need to attend the evening to purchase a ticket (although finding out which mini masterpiece you have won on the night is part of the fun!)

These tickets are proving popular so if you are interested please do act now! 

Once purchased we will send you a ticket and on the night of World Mental Health day you can exchange this for a drawn number and match this number to the numbered displayed mini masterpieces to see which one you are to take home.

Please check out our website for more information on the 50 artists participating but note that local artist Melvyn Evans is supporting this fundraising initiative and one of the Mini Masterpieces will be his. His style of work can be viewed at www.melvynevans.com. Other Artists and Celebrities are participating by creating Mini Masterpieces including:

  • Prime Minister David Cameron
  • Dame Kelly Holmes
  • Singer and television presenter Cheryl Baker
  • Chief Executive of Ann Summers and Knickerbox Jacqueline Gold
  • Leader of Sevenoaks District Council Cllr Peter Fleming
  • Injured war artist and Sevenoaks postman Graeme Lothian
  • Tunbridge Wells Consultant Psychiatrist Peter Knynenburg
  • Guardian cartoonist Stephen Collins
  • Internationally acclaimed visual artist and curator Stuart Semple
  • Author and illustrator of children’s books Cherry Whytock
  • Kent & Essex Police Inspector Simon Wilshaw
  • Artist and Chairman of Sevenoaks Art Club Mr Doron Lichtman


Good luck!


Jenny Godfrey

Community Development Manager


I read last week about The eightbyeight Project that was set up to support the work of Camille’s Appeal, the children’s brain tumour charity

In April 2013 the eightbyeight Project are bringing an exciting and innovative exhibition to Eden Court, Inverness.
‘Childhood Explored’ will feature donations of work from around the UK and beyond, from professional, semi-professional, student and hobbyist artists, photographers, craftspeople and other creatives from diverse disciplines, celebrating what Childhood means to them, and raising awareness of Camille’s Appeal’s vital work. All profits raised from the sale of work go directly to the charity.

Recently I had posted ‘Young Pose’ one of my recent paintings the ‘Fear’, yes about that nice little English Springer dog. The dogs had connection to my children and was a present for my daughter 7 years birthday. I have decided to donate it for the charity and hope that it will make someone smile and they can donate something towards this important charity. I hope you are all going to visit the site and support this charity even if it is with something little (Please click the link here). Thank you for your support.



Soon it will be December and Christmas upon us. Everyone who paints probably starts thinking about those winter’s scenes, snow and even Father Christmas.

Let me change the subject slightly, nearly every year around November time we exhibit in our local Council with our art club it is called; ‘Kaleidoscope exhibition’. This year we have decided to raise money from some special paintings we have donated to the exhibition. The council is using the funds collected to help with accommodation for our local homeless people, what a great idea for such an important cause. People, that for whatever reason, have no choice but to live outside in these times. Just spare a thought about it and think that in our little world there are some people who are less privileged. Those people have suffered enough and they need our help with whatever we can and without any judgment. I hope that we artists produce at least one painting and do our utmost to sell it and donate the money to such a worthwhile cause. Let’s try to make the lives of these important souls warm and happy this year.

My paintings are called ‘Seasons’


Hi friends, You might remember that I mentioned Chronic Pains and PPIP the pain society that works together with INPUT. PaIN PUT in perspective or PPIP, is a society helping people who suffer Chronic Pains and run by people who suffer themselves. The members are people that participated in one of the courses of INPUT in recent years. I joined as a new member after my recent INPUT course that can teach you how to deal, manage and live with Chronic Pains. I hope to raise as much money as I can in future from the sales of my paintings to support this society. I have decided to donate a regular % from each painting sold so please help me to support this charity and help many people in our society who suffer from Chronic Pains.

In their recent magazine they published my story about my world of painting which I would like to share with you and hope that you will be able to help. If you know people who suffer from this problem, you might be able to understand it better yourself and maybe even direct them to the website to learn more if they not aware about such a society. You never know they might be suffering and not sure who to talk too, after all 1 in 4 people is suffering from Chronic Pains. They also can benefit from reading and understanding more about it in the society website.  They might also be interested to participate in INPUT course in the near future, or even that there is someone that can help out there, so please visit the site PPIP

PPIP magazine

PPIP article