4 AM Sketch

What can one do during the night when you can not sleep and your chronic pains play with you. You feel lousy it is freezing cold and  it is snowing outside… I think drink a nice warm green tea and make sure you keep warm with an extra layer… and of-course sketch something to pass the time and warm the heart and keep the mind.

The Bridge at 4 AM


Hi friends, You might remember that I mentioned Chronic Pains and PPIP the pain society that works together with INPUT. PaIN PUT in perspective or PPIP, is a society helping people who suffer Chronic Pains and run by people who suffer themselves. The members are people that participated in one of the courses of INPUT in recent years. I joined as a new member after my recent INPUT course that can teach you how to deal, manage and live with Chronic Pains. I hope to raise as much money as I can in future from the sales of my paintings to support this society. I have decided to donate a regular % from each painting sold so please help me to support this charity and help many people in our society who suffer from Chronic Pains.

In their recent magazine they published my story about my world of painting which I would like to share with you and hope that you will be able to help. If you know people who suffer from this problem, you might be able to understand it better yourself and maybe even direct them to the website to learn more if they not aware about such a society. You never know they might be suffering and not sure who to talk too, after all 1 in 4 people is suffering from Chronic Pains. They also can benefit from reading and understanding more about it in the society website.  They might also be interested to participate in INPUT course in the near future, or even that there is someone that can help out there, so please visit the site PPIP

PPIP magazine

PPIP article

Thoughts and Feeling

During my INPUT course one of the subjects we learn is about the thoughts and feelings. With our chronic pains the way we think about the situation normally influence what we do. It also influence the way we feel about it. Many times you can change things in your life by working on your thoughts and feeling. Some of these sessions used symbols to help and explain what was happening with our thoughts and feelings. I have tried to paint them here in colours… that will make it even easier to visualise, think and understand. Hopefully they can help you to identify and think about the situation and deal with it in a better way. Good luck and remember, painting sometime can help you to express yourself, make you see, think and feel better instead of trying to push your thoughts and feelings away or even ignoring them all while you can’t face or identify them. Enjoy.

Thoughts & feelings

Painting and Chronic pains

After my operations I suffered severe chronic pains. I am currently participating in a course at St. Thomas Hospital teaching me how to live with pains (INPUT). I share this course with Kerry, Kay, Vivien, Rahme, Pat, Sue and Zoe. At times when the pains reach high level we all in common found that we turned away to our ‘Room’ which is our safety zone sanctuary.

I always loved the seaside and for me it is a beautiful icon of freedom and pleasure, pains free. With recent inspiration from Martin Taylor’s series of painted postcards, in The Artist magazine I have also painted some postcards during my hospital stay with my small travel painting kit. I am going to give one of the cards, to each one of my new friends, so at times when they feel down they can visit the imaginative beautiful seaside and gain some strength to deal with the pains… I said before that everyone can paint and painting always gave me additional strength during my illness. I hope one day to encourage and help many more people that suffer like me to paint as all they have to do is to pick-up paints and brushes and enjoy the therapeutic art, it helps.