You thought with the name that you probably will see a post about the ‘Titanic’, Or another try to paint that disaster. Well sorry it is not going to be ‘The Titanic’ but something based on it. In our oil painting class the subject was to paint something in a box or with space…. We had to paint something that you could see and show that there was space inside it something like box with some items inside it. Looking around the class, I saw this cupboard full of books and cloths. So I knew that it will be my box space and contents for this session. I start painting it and I only did a couple of shelves.. Karen my great teacher asked what will be at the bottom, or what is it standing on? I told her that I’ll have think about something… was not sure at all. After a while ‘The Titanic Library’ surfaced in mind… I have decided to put it in the water… waves, sinking… you know the full Titanic. The paintings was completed and I name it… ‘Titanic Library’. Hope no one is going to pull the plug though.. I am still thinking if I should add a gold-fish, a shark or maybe none… After all there is not a  matter of survives but jus good books.. What do you think?

Titanic Library