All the world is concerned about energy.. we just had recently a price hike and announcement on more nuclear power.. Did not like the idea so much nor the safety involved after what we saw in Japan. While it is all going around us I have prepared a new painting for my current annual art club exhibition running in November.. I decided to call it ‘Wind’.. I am sure it will never blow those politicians away… But hopefully will send a strong message and save our little planet. I am slow putting my painting up here as the exhibition is already on. So I would like to thank everybody that visited me and for all those great messages you all sent me in recent days. Have a great weekend and hopefully the message artists often try to express in their paintings would reach more listeners where ever they are . Hopefully it will make less harm to our lovely world and save it lasting longer for our children too.


It is placed in a prominent position at the exhibition and shout loud our message…

Kaleidoscope Exhibition

Exhibition is now open until 30/11/2013 and you are all welcome to visit.

On 21/11/13 18:00 you are invited for our Reception evening, please come for a free drink and talk to the artists of Sevenoaks Art Club.

Our Exhibition is associated with a local charity ‘Rockdale’ who provid shelter housing for the elderly. We created a ‘Rockdale Wall’ with many painted canvasses, all at only £10.00 and total amount is donated for ‘Rockdale’. Come and help us to support them.


Soon it will be December and Christmas upon us. Everyone who paints probably starts thinking about those winter’s scenes, snow and even Father Christmas.

Let me change the subject slightly, nearly every year around November time we exhibit in our local Council with our art club it is called; ‘Kaleidoscope exhibition’. This year we have decided to raise money from some special paintings we have donated to the exhibition. The council is using the funds collected to help with accommodation for our local homeless people, what a great idea for such an important cause. People, that for whatever reason, have no choice but to live outside in these times. Just spare a thought about it and think that in our little world there are some people who are less privileged. Those people have suffered enough and they need our help with whatever we can and without any judgment. I hope that we artists produce at least one painting and do our utmost to sell it and donate the money to such a worthwhile cause. Let’s try to make the lives of these important souls warm and happy this year.

My paintings are called ‘Seasons’