Who is She?

I loved Vincent Mars post in his Blog writing about;  ‘The Love Woes of a Hatted Boy’ that special lady, the one we all see some where, some day…. I saw also one young lady the other day, she was not passing by, as she was a picture in one of the magazines in my art club I was looking through…. I probably needed a subject to paint and I could not write a good stroy like Vincent do. I could not resist painting her…. I wonder who she was? if you recognise yourself.. drop me a line.. I am sure Vincent will give me a clue….

In your Eyes

Watching You

Thank you for visiting me again while I am working on some eyes for my portraits.. I have decided to watch what you actually up too when you are around…. Only a friendly watch of-course, as it is not a big brother planet here and I don’t possess any magic powers yet.

Soon I am going to learn how to paint portraits the way the old masters use to do, so if you have any tips for me before I start or a portrait to show here so we can all learn from you… please email it to me; doronart@uwclub.net


Watching You