Over the fields

Every time I have few minutes free I enjoy a little water colours run, this time it was of a picture I saw in a painting magazine… I enjoy the practice run and beside I manage to burn some time I have to spare. I left this one for few days before I finished and put the birds in but when I looked and try to find the picture everywhere, I could not find it.. I also wanted to credit and mention the originator of this scene which was nice and detailed when I first saw it as it attract me to paint but it has gone, no doubt it will reappear when I forget about it… Some loud thoughts, I noticed that often I see something I like to paint, I leave it for few days and then I try to do it from a memory. Some time I remember the scene vividly and other times I only remember little which completely make the picture different. If I paint from a picture I’ll rather use a black and white version. When I paint a picture or even a scene I follow it in the initial stage and as I progress I work from memory or imagination and I am not sure why I get distracted and don’t constantly look at something even when it is a portrait. I wonder if others do the same? I keep telling myself to look again and again but it seems as this will be a learning curve for me which I need to work on. I also can’t change how quick I paint most of the time even I know now a day that in water colours I need often to let it dry in between washes so the colours won’t get muddy but often it don’t work as I need to finish the paintings. There is one thing I would like to change next year and it is to be able to use more than one brush during my painting… I am also lazy on working with a small brush for details…  even though I posses many of them… Hopefully I’ll follow some of my ideas and correct them mean time happy painting

Over the fields

St. Clere

We had a special invitation to visit a super estate in Kent St. Clere and I was amazed to see the view of the fields on the estate.. It started like that and was very misty

St Clere

And later it cleared up so I could imagine what it will ended like at sunset…

st clere fields

My friend the real artist

I love the work of my friend the artists  Mariusz Kaldowski which I mentioned here before.  Couple of weeks ago I visited his exhibition in Nymans, a National Trust park. He have special brush strokes in my view like a great master and I admire his work which inspired me a lot. That evening, I parked my car and walked to the exhibition, it was very dull evening, dark and gloomy all until I walked into the room where his work was displayed. There it was another world, full with flowers fields and trees that lit the air. All over sudden I walked from dump darkness, into lit paradise.. I have painted one of his paintings to show you what I meant. It is far from achieving any of his great work standards, but you can clearly get an idea and see the colours that are easily can lift anyone spirit any time. I think his paintings can really announce and bring us a proper  ‘Spring’


I can offer him on a small note, my little practice of  ‘Coloured Fields’ based on loose wet in wet technique to wish him a good luck with his new exhibition in London . If you around make sure to visit it as you will enjoy his work, anyway I do.

Spring fields