Looking through the window

Sorry guys, I know I was not active here for some time but that dose not stop me thinking about you all and I hope to visit your blogs soon. Thank you for taking time to regularly visit my Blog it is well appreciated. I also would like to thank all the great people I met recently everywhere I was. I would like to dedicate and share one of my recent paintings here, with you all,  ‘Only one left a live outside’… Even if it is difficult at times I try to paint something that always keep me smiling. You are always welcome to visit me on Facebook which is much easier for me to use sometime or you welcome to enjoy some of my latest work as and when I put it on my website. Stay safe where ever you are and keep smiling 🙂 x


What do you do with spare paints and little spare time in abstract session? I normally try to use the paint up, I hardly take it away with me… unless I paint indoors the next day. What do you do with yours and how you keep it fresh? Today I have decided to paint some flowers… So have a great day and hope they are going to cheer you up.. I did not have enough paint left as you can see from the light colours. Somehow looking at the painting, I managed to put quite a few.. anyway… Enjoy it, it is for you.

Flowers tn

Orange 4 x 4.5 x 4 a birthday

4 x 4.5 x 4.. you probably say I only know 4 x 4.. so what he is talking about? I had orange in my mind for my abstract session.. after all it was my mum birthday.. so once you see it I am sure it make more sense… all those 4s.. I am sure you soon will get the idea.. I started with basic arrangements blocking the idea on canvas but once I hit the orange-red it was another party… Happy Birthday Mum xxx

Orange Gold

Orange Day

Orange Day

Happy New Year

What a great year 2013…. welcome 2014 and Happy New Year to you all, thank you for making last year a great year. I could not enjoy it as much with out you my friends… Loads of health to us all and less pains hopefully..

I don’t watch much TV, but I recently saw a program about the kids that are living in the refugee’s camps in Lebanon in freezing conditions in the open winter air, with hardly suitable cloths and food. They managed to survive and escape the internal war in Syria. I also watched Malala from Pakistan that got shot by the Taliban in an interview on CNN and  I think as bloggers we have some responsibility and maybe we have some voice which we are not aware about. I can see that our blogs are being read all over the world and we should and must use it to relay a loud message to the open world. I am not a politician but far from it but as an artist I think that our message should be that; from 2014 we should not let anyone the right to abuse anyone anywhere around the world. It does not matter what is the reason if right or wrong, no person child adult or elderly female or male should be exposed to bad treatment anywhere. We have enough resources to help everybody to maintain their dignity and humanity, we should defend and protect those innocence that always suffer the consequences of someone else good or bad interest. It is enough we need to deal with nature disasters around the globe like in the Philippines. Lets unite together and stand by those people and make sure that we don’t arm the planet we are living on using it resources so our grandchildren will be able to use it safely too.

Thank you for visiting my blog during the year and please stay safe, healthy, you and your family where ever you are. I dedicate those flowers for you all, best wishes and Happy New Year, Doron

Happy New Year 2014

Flowers for you

Some time I think about you all out there and never sure what you are up too… I recently read some interesting comments some are sad and some make me laugh. I love this community feel we have and hope we can help each other when we are not so good. Hope that might help, yes those flowers are for you all, have a great week….

Often I feel that paintings can express so much more than words can communicate and next Thursday when I open my club exhibition I will have you all in mind and I’ll use this sentence above in my talk. Stay safe where ever you are. And It goes without say that our thoughts are all with the people in the Philippines who suffered from the Haiyan.

red Jar

Peace and Happy New Year

To my family, friends, followers and everybody who will read this message. In a couple of days it will be the Jewish New Year. I would like to thank you all for being part of my community and my little world. I also would like to use this platform to send a message to the bigger world watching recent news unfold, seeing the huge problems that we have around us. There is something civilised called dialog, please let us all learn how to use it instead of killing each other for the sake of our opinion. Let us stop all the blood shade and the harming of each other for very little reasons or for any reason at all. Let us stop the hate and forcing our views, philosophy on other people who disagree with us for what ever their reason is. Please let us stop the killing of those innocent little children, elderly or any people on this planet.

I dedicate you all this beautiful flower that hopefully will brighten your life set your mind and make it a peaceful world. I wish you all a better healthy Happy New Year.