The calm after…

Oil’s evening was painting a small landscape with views we like.. we also had to show some emotion. I found a picture of this forest with a stream in the middle and few trees laying on the ground.. I called it ‘The Calm after the Storm’ . Hope you ar sitting down relaxing after a good day looking forward for a good weekend with a cup of coffee and no storms forecast… enjoy

The Calm after the Storm

Season change

Only a short while ago we were picking poppies in the field and now we are sitting looking at the snow from our window. One season comes another just gone and soon it will return again… The circle of life.

Snow Storm Remind me Summer

Painting Picnic

Couple of months ago on a cold day we took our grandchildren for a picnic in the forest. In the break after playing out and exploring the woods, we enjoyed a small picnic. I wanted them to make a painting to remind them of a great day, with some paints I took with us. Of-course we also had a ball to play with and great food to munch. I hope you will enjoy Mia (9) and Finlay (5) paintings. They probably painted before in school and/or kindergarten but that was their first Picnic’s paintings ever which I am sure they will always remember. It is a start and as you see everyone can paint everywhere if you want too. Enjoy

The paintings

Picnics Paintings

The paintings

Mia Forest

Finlay's Forest

Mia and Finlay