Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Opening my blog after such a long time, visiting and writing this post gives me slightly eerie feeling. It feels like visiting a holy shrine a place I spent so much time with so many great people which I miss everyday. I hope one day to return and hopefully to be able to spend more time here as I loved every minute of it when I did. I am always curious to know where are you all and what you are up to. In the mean time this is just a quick check to see that you are all OK and safe. It needless to say I miss you all and thinking about you. I constantly continue to take my daily medicine and sketch, paint. I always cherish that great privilege you all gave me with your likes each time and your following which encouraged me and my paintings. It means and always will so much to me as that is what made it better.

I would like to wish you all where ever you and your family are a great Christmas  and A Happy prosperous New Year, with loads of health and love.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody

Where the time is running? Hope you are all well and going to have a very Merry Christmas and supper healthy and prosperous New Year. It was great to share another year with you dear friends and I look forward to see you all in 2015. Have a great time where ever you are around the world, together with your friends and families. It was great pleasure to be part of our extended family and community and I look forward for more. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello during 2014 and I hope you are all going to say it here in many languages as you can, so together we will have a better peaceful and friendly world in 2015. Happy New Year ❤

Merry Christmas

Painting with Nava

The last time I saw Nava it was in junior school some 35+ years ago. Few weeks ago she told me via Facebook, that after looking at my Blog she decided to paint as she recently retired from teaching and she did her first painting in oils after that. While visiting home we had a small friends from school reunion, I told her while seeing her for the first time after such a long period, that one day during my visit I’ll give her a call to arrange to paint with her together. We met this morning and it was a very warm morning. We bought a canvas in a local store and decided what subject we would like to paint together and what was the composition we both liked. I explained to her my process which I normally work with, it was completly new to her. I suggested about the items I use and what I do and decided instead of painting two paintings to do one together. I have started and as we continued I could see that she was hungry and eager to paint. I was confident that she clearly understood what I was talking about. I started each stage and soon I have passed her the brush to let her do her part. You can decide by watching the process we did here below how good she was. I had a great morning and let me tell you the paintings is a great master piece in my eyes but I’ll let you be the judge… I am a great advocate that every person can paint no doubt Nava did! Enjoy.

Flowers for you

Some time I think about you all out there and never sure what you are up too… I recently read some interesting comments some are sad and some make me laugh. I love this community feel we have and hope we can help each other when we are not so good. Hope that might help, yes those flowers are for you all, have a great week….

Often I feel that paintings can express so much more than words can communicate and next Thursday when I open my club exhibition I will have you all in mind and I’ll use this sentence above in my talk. Stay safe where ever you are. And It goes without say that our thoughts are all with the people in the Philippines who suffered from the Haiyan.

red Jar

Peace and Happy New Year

To my family, friends, followers and everybody who will read this message. In a couple of days it will be the Jewish New Year. I would like to thank you all for being part of my community and my little world. I also would like to use this platform to send a message to the bigger world watching recent news unfold, seeing the huge problems that we have around us. There is something civilised called dialog, please let us all learn how to use it instead of killing each other for the sake of our opinion. Let us stop all the blood shade and the harming of each other for very little reasons or for any reason at all. Let us stop the hate and forcing our views, philosophy on other people who disagree with us for what ever their reason is. Please let us stop the killing of those innocent little children, elderly or any people on this planet.

I dedicate you all this beautiful flower that hopefully will brighten your life set your mind and make it a peaceful world. I wish you all a better healthy Happy New Year.


Merry Christmas

I never thought I can meet such a nice bunch of people leave alone keep a Blog running. A short while ago we all were strangers but through exploring our hobbies, our life stories, we all met and I cannot thank you enough for being part of it. If you follow me or just accidently peeped in to check what my journey was all about, thank you for doing it. I feel privileged joining your neighbourhood your community, your life stories and interesting secrets. Thank you for letting me in and share with you my new crave for painting. May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope our friendship to last for ever.

Green treeMerry Christmas