Anyone for Golf

No doubt it is a great place to play golf… I hope I would be able to go back to play again, hopefully one day… in the new year. Hope all your wishes my friends would also fulfill and come true…. mean time we can share this beautiful peaceful place….

Golf on the beach tn


I’ll do anything to play golf again, would not you when you see such a great scenery? this hole is somewhere on the great golf course ‘The Oxfordshire’ run by the Leaderboard Group… It looks so beautiful I could not care less for those clouds would you?

the oxfordshire


Once I got ill one of the thing I had to drop was my golf which I loved so much… Every week I used to look forward to play at the weekend in TWGC. I would like to dedicate the club, one of my recent oil paintings, ‘The First’. As the name suggest you can see the view of the first and the second holes at the club. Looking at it I know how much I missed the game… Beside as you can see, the place is so beautiful and it is right in the middle of the town. I am sure there will be more pictures from the club displayed here soon.

The First