Blazing Hot

I have few painting which I did earlier, while I am not at my best I put them on, so enjoy… Apology if I don’t reply quickly to your comments… but I will alway do when I return thanks for visiting and stopping by which is well appreciated… Enjoy.

This one was painted and blocked some time ago and it set in a state of not sure around for a while. The other day I thought it should get extra paint and it should receive and overhaul  with some colour to lift it up… Hope it gave it little more justice..

Blazing Hot

Put your bets Now

A day at the races, put your bets now… First come, win it all.. I personally Don’t like the sound of it. I love horses but I am not fond of betting not sure I like the racing that comes with it. What do you feel about it?



Lately I enjoy painting wild life, probably following my earlier visit to the Wildfowl reserve. I always enjoyed looking at horses, their power and sheer beauty. Few months ago while in hospital I have painted three horses following an article I read about Dee Cowell who was experimenting with Derwent Artbars. I only had a travel kit with some basics water colours for my interpretation.. At least I could only look forward watching those horses on the beach to my freedom once I come out.


Off-course later on I have painted another version of shiny horses painted in acrylics… I am sure that in future you will see few more versions..

Coloured dust