Wet in Wet

I am trying to keep my promise and paint small paintings each day if I can. Actually it is quite easy as the paper and paints are just beside me on the desk, so no excuse not to try. Every day when I have few minutes free I try it and it never takes more than 15-30 minutes to sketch one. Especially when I practice with water colours, wet in wet technique. I some time looking on other artists work and subjects and some time it is all mine. OK so need little more time to dry up and many more to paint if I ever want to get better.

Afternoon break in the shade Quick lunch Gathering Flying Rook Dogy walk When treest drop in Pesach Flowers Spring

Afternoon relaxation

I find modern painters also giving me great inspiration and understanding on how to progress in my little world. It helps me to practice some new ideas and try to understand how I should improve. When the sun is high and the heat is on your head you just need to find a place with some shade and lay around so I learnt. I watched some of Stephen Higton great work recently. He has an amazing paintings skills which I enjoyed learning by looking at his work. I found him to be also a great inspiration and I enjoy looking at the way he paint, at times it look very simple straight forward but very meaningful. I hope you gain it with experience so I have decided to try to paint one of his paintings subject in water-colours, mind you it was not hot at all and no shade was needed here. It is far from being Stephen skillful work, as he work in Oils, but it was nice to practice and pretend with my water colours washes. I often see a good paintings, picture and I try to work it out and ask myself how do they do it. Many times I work from my own pictures and ideas but I always feel that I have few steps to climb I am sure some of you feel the same. I am sure you will visit Stephen site and understand how far I have to go in this journey, I am sure you will enjoy the real work anyhow. Mean time I will continue to practice my skills and hope that one day I’ll be able to find my style and special niche in this beautiful journey but enormous world.

Afternoon break in the shade

My View

I enjoy some loose, abstract style that give me great expression and feel while painting. So when I have few spare minutes.. I play and splash some paints little water and later I try to look and find what I can see in the painting… Try it, it’s quite relaxing and intriguing, I never know what results I am going to have and when you show it to someone else it is amazing what they find too…

Through the Bush

3 Trees in my View


In one of our recent SAC meeting we had a session producing collage.. It clearly took me some time back in my memory lane.. probably to nursery times or early school. I loved every minute and managed to paint the ‘Lollipop trees and a boat’ and the ‘The Egg and the Chick’. Only using newspapers cut on a board with acrylics ink/ acrylics… quite easy. Enjoy and have a great Easter everybody.The Chick and the egg

Lollipop trees and a boat

Happy Birthday

I wonder if that is going to work, passing a message as far as next door.. Why not, now a day with all the latest technology, it should work..  All I wante to say is Happy Birthday..

I saw a painting by Viktoria Prishedko which I very much liked, so I have tried it myself. I would like to paint few more paintings in this simmilar style.. Which I will have to practice in the near future…. Mean time I hope I managed to have simmilarity in my paintings the ‘Cuddle in the Piazza’ and ‘Dry Red’…

Cuddle in the PiazzaHappy Birthday

Tea for Two

Violet, I enjoyed your green tea so much that I had to return your favour and invite you for one also. I can see from here that you are so busy sketching at the moment so how about a short break… I had to invite Poppy too..she loves a cup of tea around miday… Enjoy.Image


It is for some time that I had nice comments in this Blog which gave me great inspiration to paint even more. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you all, friends, followers and members Bloggers, for making painting so much fun and joy. This flowers are for you all to say thank you for your support, friendship and great company. I hope to meet you all one day in person and thank you each for such a great companionship. Love to paint together with you all one day…


St. Pauls

I enjoy playing with colours and sometime watching another artist painting anything help my colours play time. I had a spare half hour to burn and I just saw Charles Reid painting St. pauls. So I had a go!

St. Paul