I had in the past few paintings of jerusalem and I am sure I’ll have few more in future.. Enjoying water colours during the holiday make another one….

Jerusalem 1 tn



The Tower

Tower of David in Pink… I saw that some paint left in the tray after I painted the flowers… so I could not resist it and I pushed a paper in to see what it would look like… The result was that I had a paper with light wash of yellow and pink… Was not sure what will go on top but recently I looked at few pictures from Jerusalem.. One was the Tower of David… so I had to try to paint it on this yellow and pink paper.. look strange as if the tower got some disease…

Tower in Pink

Johny of Arabia

Few years ago I took my devoted Christian friend John to see the country that he always talked about and wanted to see. I have born in the magical city of ‘Jerusalem’ which I often go back to see to refresh my collection of sounds, sights and scents which I very much miss, as I live too far away from it. I wanted to show John the beauty of this country and the ability of many people from all over the world to unite and live together in this one small beautiful place, the City of Jerusalem.

John told me once that he had a dream to be ’Johny of Arabia’ based on ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.. So I have tried to make his dream come true while we were visiting Jerusalem… At least I gave him the look… I recently painted few pictures of the city which I put in the post ‘Jerusalem’ and today I am adding a couple more of my Oil paintings which I completed in my last Oil painting adult education evening class.

Johny of ArabiaJohny of Arabia

Jerusalem in mix OrangeJerusalem

Same Jerusalem in Black boxes, Begie and Bluish jewellery colour boxes Wall.

Jerusalem Stamps

Jerusalem pre painted Black boxes. Both paintings are not identical as I tried to paint it from observation of a photo I took some years ago and could not find for the occassion, so it was more of a fading memory.

Jerusalem B&W


There is many nice cities around the world but one very special, in my mind. I know it is a very important place for many others too. A place which is the centre of the world, a place that unite so many people from all over the world, and at times separate them too. Yet people fought each other to gain hold for this special city over many years. I hope my splash of colours will make it peaceful and harmonising for all.


The wall

I put my note

David Tower