One Tree

a draft I kept for a while… as I had to stop MOPS in recent weeks..

MOPS is back and what a great day we had… When I started painting the tree I had to stand right beside it and it seemed as if it was the only tree around.. by the time I finished there was a complete forest around us. Visit our MOPS blog and enjoy some great photos also, but meantime enjoy the ‘One Tree’

one tree story

One tree


It is a new Year…. Happy 2014 could not wait long enough to see you all again….

Our last MOPS session for 2013 year took us to Tonbridge and it was freezing… No doubt I’ll have to have some changes here to finish it off which I’ll add at the bottom. Mean time since our visit we had heavy storms and rain non stop and most of those places are under serious water. It is difficult and costly time for people who live there, leave alone very disruptive and danger and I hope that soon the weather will improve a bit so the water will subside and damage be kept at minimum. We are living in a very dynamic world lets hope that 2014 is good and safe for all.

Tonbridge corner tn

So that is how it looks once I finished it Happy painting.


The lake four trees and some ducks

I would not know how to spend a better day? Bough Beech host the MOPS and what a great afternoon it was. I have used the water oil base paints for the last time as I so much enjoy using proper oils…as you will see in future. It was cleaner and easier to use the water base, but I don’t mind i wonder if you have preference? I am sure they will return for the outdoors one day…

Bough Beech

Teston Brown Banana skin

I loved the dry flower but could not ignore the bridge… and then I ate my banana so I tried finishing the painting with it… I was amazed how good tool it was… and it left no flavour but lines…. Oil paints are toxic don’t try it at home even not with icecream.

Teston Brown