Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Opening my blog after such a long time, visiting and writing this post gives me slightly eerie feeling. It feels like visiting a holy shrine a place I spent so much time with so many great people which I miss everyday. I hope one day to return and hopefully to be able to spend more time here as I loved every minute of it when I did. I am always curious to know where are you all and what you are up to. In the mean time this is just a quick check to see that you are all OK and safe. It needless to say I miss you all and thinking about you. I constantly continue to take my daily medicine and sketch, paint. I always cherish that great privilege you all gave me with your likes each time and your following which encouraged me and my paintings. It means and always will so much to me as that is what made it better.

I would like to wish you all where ever you and your family are a great Christmas  and A Happy prosperous New Year, with loads of health and love.


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The Lost Sheep

Hope you all had a good Easter and going back to work is not that painful… I still sitting here on the beach and looking at the sheep at the meadows… wish you where here too.. but it reminds me… Another happy abstract couple of hours created the werewolf sheep… I had to lose it somehow in the paintings but as people warmed and liked it more, I decided to reinstate it and so stop no need to keep looking it is no longer lost..

The lost Sheep

Muriel Picture

Hi Friends, visitors, I owe you a little apology. I was not around here at the blog for some long time. Of-course I miss you all but unfortunately my chronic pains flared up to a very bad level and I hardly can control it nor sit up in-front of my pc. If you made a comment or gave me a like, thank you for doing so, I really appreciate it and promise I’ll reply to you all as soon as. If I am not here forgive me as I would not miss this place for the world. If I ever stopped blogging trust me I would not do it without letting you know. Thank you for your friendship and sticking by me. I have few paintings I did early that I can use for a while.. I miss you all and I’ll see you around for short visits. Have a great weekend…

Muriel my friend take some nice photos around Cumbria where she lives and often I like to quickly sketch paint them..

Muriel Walk

Final version with extra layer…

Muriel plus 3 tn

See you soon and take care where ever you are, Doron

Hastings in the rain

Our Mops visited Hastings and as soon as we arrived the rain storm began. One important lessons was learnt! Don’t paint with Oils water based on a rainy day! It was washed off again and again and finally I had something left to take home…

Hastings 1 tn

Hastings 2 tn

Hastings 3 tn

Hastings 4 tn

Hastings 6 tn

and finally at home the completion…

Hastings in the rain tn