Chiddingstone Castle

The MOPS were invited to Chiddingstone Castle… and I had a go at these two oil paintings, enjoy.

Watching the Lillies

the LLamas of Chiddingstone castle

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning painting outdoors with Nick and Sharad trying to cool down in Dunorlan Park under a tree with this amazing view..

Dunorlan View

Lullingstone Park

It was so hot when we arrived to Lullingstone Park and the only place we could sit and paint was under the trees. I was still amazed to find how red was my face when I look in the mirror when I returned home that afternoon. But that longs gone and instead the rain we very much love, return to remind us that it is not up to us… so I had to change the sky in-case you get confuse…

Lullingstone park

Lullingstone Park

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TWGC sketches

Before making the oil paintings of my golf club I played with the idea in small sketches which i found very helpful before committing to paint my final paintings.

The first concept

Walking from the first to the left we get our fifth tee and when you hit the ball you have to go over a small pond, it is out of bound and in the winter a long hit to the wind… Many get the ball wet here. When you walk down near the water in spring or later in the summer, I feel I should one day paint this beautiful place… When you look across you normally can see the people images walking along on the water on the other side and in a good day even the house further away from our 8th hole.  In season you can meet there some ducks and many little ducklings learning to swim after surviving the foxes the night before… It is amazing sanctuary for small wild life which I love.