Millenium View

I have recently joined the ‘Tunbridge Wells Outdoor Art Club’ for landscape painting. Today we had our first delayed outing from last week to the ‘Millenium View’ near Matfield. I have met a superb two great experienced painters who also are very nice people. We enjoyed a super warm day painting with little picnic on site. If you live in our area and want to join us on one of our future outing, please drop me a line.

Millenium View

Croc in the making

We learn in our evening class from Karen Birt our teacher which is a great artist herself, about Cartoons, the subject was wild life. It is adaptation of a traditional technique for transferring a line drawing to a support. Used by masters like Chardin and George Stubbs for the animals. You simply make small holes with a needle on the main lines which give you accurate shapes you transfer it with charcoal and later paint it up. This one is an oil paintings.


the final and don’t say I did not warned you.. he is watching you every where you go… so make sure you run.


Palette Knife return

I just returned from a superb painting holiday in France which I’ll soon write about. I missed you all..

The name of this post sound like a horror movie name.. Mind you it is only our action in Oil evening class. Yet again we had to paint with no brushes and the palette knife turn to be my friend. Karen said that the finish paintings remind her Paul C├ęzanne… I was not so sure it was but took the great compliment. Enjoy.

Two Ladies

The view from The window

Some time ago I have started painting the view from my class window looking outside in Oil. I never finished it and always felt that something was missing but was not sure what. The other day I saw a picture of a cat and decided that’s it, I need to add the cat somehow to my unfinished window’s picture and now I have done it… I think ‘Pussycat View’ is ready. OK at least in my view…

Pussycat View


I have an idea and I need to use candles in a picture for a competition.. so I have decided to practice as I never painted any and was not sure how you paint the light.. and how you do the wax dripping off?

Candle Yellow Glow

The Trot

You probably remember my sketch of Brown Gait few weeks ago. I was trying to paint my first horse and I tried it with water-colours sketch. To be honest I was going to paint a bigger painting of this horse in Oil and probably got distracted by the snow. This week I had some spare time and ‘The Trot‘ was near completion. I still have to do some more touching but I thought to let him exercise out here in the open menage.

The Trot

I had to give it another touch which i finally did.. I think it is now finished.

the Brown Trot

The Vase

My son went a couple of weeks ago on a year backpacking trip around the world and before he left one day he bought some flowers for his mum. Each day they opened up bigger and stood very proudly, fresh against the window. I had to add them to the list of my paintings.

The Vase