Red Kayak

One lonely red kayak on grey cold day on the Medway

Red Kayak

May and Avishay

Congratulations to May and Avishay for tying the knot. 10th.April.2014…. The party is in full swing..

IMG_5599 may and avishay varnished tn

May and Avishay

15 Minutes Each

On our first abstarct evening we had to paint a rainbow within 15 minutes..

We had to use in this welcome, warm up exercise only 3 primeries and white…

End of a Shower

and then we had to paint anything we like to show ‘time’..


The Italian Job

This is our last Oil’s session for this season. I can not do more evenings due to health so I’ll have to find something during the day to continue developing my oils media work. It needs few more touches which I’ll do later on.. Enjoy.

the italians